💛 Daily Digital (Abstract Art) #15 – "Mayan Temple" - Before/After & WIN SBI SHARES 💛

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This design features…a monumental golden hued sandstone temple with jungle treeline view and grass courtyard silhouetted against blue sky and white clouds. Matching qualities that carry through the whole abstract artwork collection include whimsical stylized strokes...depth and detail with distinctive swirling texture...bold contrast between individual elements and an overall modern and artistically painted appearance.



This series showcases 'before and after' snapshots of digital artwork transformations that started with public domain pictures and other free to use stock images. The process of photo manipulation itself and merging my own artistic vision with ai assisted technology...neural networks and other state of the art tools and techniques enables the creation of designs that emerge entirely unique from the source material...and with a lot of character. I have also used professional software to upscale these graphics into superior resolutions perfect for printing on custom products.

You can support me by purchasing a high quality printed product with this daily digital design through my "HelloAbstract" redbubble account.



As part of getting into the habit of posting daily...encouraging more comment interaction and also giving something back towards the growth of this community...I will be sending out some steem basic income shares every week. The amount fully depends on how much these posts earn and this whole thing could end up being a very small weekly giveaway...or maybe even a more significant one. Either way...a minimum of one share will be awarded each week with the sky as the limit.

This is meant to be very open ended...so say anything you like! But your comment should be something relatively interesting and conversational that you took a moment to write. Maybe tell me what you think about today's design...or write something creative inspired from it. You are welcome to leave a comment on every new post for a total of seven chances to win some steem basic income on the next weekly draw. Other prizes to promote promising community ventures are also a possibility in the future. Do you happen know of any that I should keep an eye on?


To be eligible to win some sbi shares...you need only to leave a thoughtful comment.



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This is gorgeous I love temples and the digital version cleans up alot of the old markings from much time passed and digitised version almost seems like its been sent back into a time when the temple was property used @creativesoul


EXACTLY RIGHT! So happy you picked up on the back in time vibe. I was wondering if anyone would. The color of the temple is supposed to hint at it belonging to the 'golden age' and being freshly built. Thank you for all of your valuable comments :)

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I like how it looked a bit surreal.
Nice work @creativesoul

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Hello @creativesoul, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!