Artstorm Contest #22 Day 6 - Theme Today - Black and White Art

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Artstorm Contest #22 - Day 6.jpg

Hey Everyone!

Thank you to everyone who entered Artstorm yesterday. Later today, I'll choose the winners and award the prizes.

Artstorm is a contest for challenging yourself and having fun!

Artstorm Contest #22 will run every day from 30th April to 6th May inclusive (7 days altogether).

Each day I post a theme. Entrants should create a quick picture using the medium of their choice.


The theme today is 'Black and White Art'.

There are two categories for your entries:

Digital Art

Non-digital Art


You don't need to be an artist to enter and you don't need to enter every day.

You can enter once in each category. You don't need to enter both the categories.

Every day there is a prize of 0.250 SBD in each category paid the next day for the entry I like best and I think has followed the rules.

I need at least 3 entries for a theme to choose a daily winner in the category. If less than three people enter for a theme in one of the categories, the prize of 0.250 SBD won't be awarded that day.

This is what you need to do:

• Make a post for your entry with the title 'Entry for Artstorm Contest #22 - Black and White Art'.

• State clearly which category you are entering, on your entry post.

• Make the first tag #artstorm.

• Leave a link to your post in the comments below. This is to help me find it.

• Upvote and resteem this post. This is a condition of entry. I ask all entrants to do this as it helps me afford to pay the prizes. If this is not done your entries will not be considered for the prize.

It is your responsibility to upvote and resteem my post.

I don’t accept children's work as entries for the prizes in the Artstorm Contests but you are welcome to post them for us to see. Photography is also no longer accepted.

The entry closing time each day is 9:00 am UTC the following day (Follow this link for a time zone converter.)

I hope you will have time to enter and have fun!!

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I'm including this YouTube video here because I like it a lot, hehe.

I also love this YouTube video. Enjoy!

Click here if you want to know how I choose winners in the daily contests.


Heres my entry under digital art:

Happy Mothers day to all Mother in the Whole wide world

Project Capture (28).jpg

Thank you for your entry!

God bless you @dranren, your message received friend, and it’s so thoughtful and beautiful❣️

Hallo @deemarshall
I have interesting original work in BW. But this is not 15 minutes work...:)
I've spent on this work many hours)

That is excellent work! It has good perspective and depth. Thank you for sharing it with us. As you have realized, it does not qualify for this contest.

This is such a good plan to pass bro 😮
Are you an architect @mister-omortson?

Wow incredible work @mister-omortson, awsome skills friend! Absolutely love your talent.

Thank you for your entry!

Wow what a great idea for a card! If you do this, the results will be this !😂 Awsome character drawing of your son as well @steempampanga friend ❣️

Thank you for your entry!

Beautiful artwork @maribelquere97, loved how you drew your art in a circular image!

Thank you for your entry!

Love your moon 🌙 In a circular image it’s pretty @henrry1954!

Hello friends of steemit this is my participation in the artstorm contest I hope you like it.

Thank you for your entry!

Ahhh... the world needs more hugs 🤗 ❣️ Awsome drawing @manuelruiz21.

Thank you for your entry!

This is a lovely simple hand drawing, and the two tiny hearts 💕 is a nice touch @joseyweed friend! Thanks

Thank you for your entry!

Ooooooo so cool! Your fantastic digital artist friend, Good luck love the cats 🐱 expression @mimulusamsterdam!

Thankyou!! The cat makes it for me too!! more catzzzzz

Love cats to! I have three rescued ally cats one orange, ones gray and the other is black. All house cats 🐈 . How many do you have friend @mimulusamsterdam?

I had one for 16 years that was born on my bed and died in my arms. I havent been able to swallow the lump in my throat to get another yet..... but it is in the cards for sure

My gray and black cats are about that age. I like getting animals from shelters because they have know lives there. I had a dog for over 20 years, and when she died it was like loosing one of my kid almost. We lost her but she had an a amazing life. We got her from a shelter. She was a dog that you could only dream of. She was perfect. Now we have another dog that was raised in a puppy mill. He’s awsome. Animals understand when you have saved them usually. They are the best dogs. I love saving lives!

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Thank you for your entry.

Please resteem to take part :)

Thank you, but it's too late. Day 6 is finished and prizes have been awarded. We are on day 7 now.

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