Artstorm Contest #17 - Themes - 'The Meaning of Easter' and 'The Meaning of Love'

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Artstorm Contest #17.jpg

Artstorm Contest #17 is now finished.

Here is a link to Day 1 Arstorm Contest #18, theme 'flowers in your hair', in case you would like to enter:

Do you like entering challenges that don't take long to complete? Check out @mariannewest's 'Five Minute Freewrite' daily post. Just follow the link to her blog.

Click here if you want to know how I choose winners in the daily contests.


Dear @deemarshall

Very in pity, I can not participate in this contest, because I have no story ideas, maybe next time I will join your contest friends. I am very sad.

No problem. Maybe you can draw something in Contest #18 next week.

okay . i will join in #18.

Do what I did: start drawing your favorite animals, they will start talking and you will have your story in no time! In 15 minutes or less... Guaranteed!

whether it will work. thanks for your advice

This entry was posted on a reminder post so I copied it here for you all to see:

By @organduo

Thank you to @organduo for your entry!

Thanks @deemarshall! I should have looked more carefully.

Hello dee, I wish you a great day!. Is it valid to use more than 15 min?

You have a great day too!
Yes, absolutely! You use as long as you want. You have four days to make an entry. I hope you will enter :) I will add this info to my post.

Thank you for your entry!

Here is the entry:

This is my current entry ^^.



Thank you for your amended entry!

This is my entry. Theme: True Meaning Of Easter:
New Doc 2018-03-31 - Page 1.jpg

Thank you for your entry!

This was an early entry posted on the Preview. I would appreciate the entrant's upvote and resteem even though she did so on the preview post.

@in2itiveart (65)

Thank you to @in2itiveart for your entry!

Thank you for your entry!

Hello, this is my ticket. category not digiotal art. I hope you like it. Thank you.

Thank you for your entry!


final final.png

I hope you like it is loaded with very good energy

Thank you for your entry!

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