Artstorm Contest #16 Day 4 - Theme Today - Hot Cross Buns

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Artstorm Contest #16 - Day 4.jpg

Contest #16 is now finished.

Here is a link to Artstorm Contest #17, themes 'The Meaning of Easter' and 'The Meaning of Love', in case you would like to enter:

Do you like entering challenges that don't take long to complete? Check out @mariannewest's 'Five Minute Freewrite' daily post. Just follow the link to her blog.

Click here if you want to know how I choose winners in the daily contests.


Thank you. I look forward to your entry in this contest.

Hello artstorm friends here is my digital art entry. It had to be quick will write the story later

Thank you for your entry!

Thank you for your entry!

Thanks. By the way, do you know the theme for Friday's Artstorm contest?

Contest #17 starts on Friday and runs for 4 days. I made a preview post earlier. Here is the link:

I will publish the Contest post tomorrow with instructions for entering. I hope you will find time to enter.

Thanks Pinky and Spiky are excited and getting ready to enter...

Have fun guys :)

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