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从我小时候记事起 , 就喜欢看着爸爸在画室画画 。 让我感到一种安全感 , 周围的气场也很平静 。

Since when I was a child, I love to watch my Dad painting in his studio. I feel a sense of security, and the surrounding energy is calm and zen.

他的全神贯注, 有着特别的魅力。
He was so focused , it exudes a special charm and confidence.

现在 我爸爸妈妈住在中国 , 而我住在加拿大 。 聚少离多 , 一年只能见到一两面。
Currently , my parents live in China and I live in Canada. The chances that we see each other are very limited . Just once or twice per year .

这幅画是2017 年他来加拿大看我的时候送给我的 。画的是我住加拿大的房子。
叫《 地球背面的家》

This painting was given to me when he visited me in Canada in 2017, he painted my house in Canada.
He calls it “The Home , on the other side of the Earth”

当我看到这幅画的标题, 心里特别的难受 , 鼻子酸酸的,好想哭 。 因为我是多么想和他们在一起啊, 可是现在 我有了自己的小家庭 和两个小宝宝。

我知道他们年纪大了,每次他们漂洋过海的来看我 , 坐很多小时的飞机是多么不容易的事。
我不能在他们身边, 照顾他们 , 我心里也是很愧疚的 。

When I saw the title of the painting, I felt so touched and I really wanted to cry.
Because deep down I really want to be with them .

I’m busy with my own family and two little babies .Canada and China are literally on the opposite side of the earth .

I feel guilty of not being there with them and take care of them .
I know that they are getting old and every time they go across the ocean to visit me and suffer many hours of flight is not easy.

The time we are together is the most precious .


爸爸不会说英语 , 我最大的愿望就是有一天在加拿大给他开画展 !
My Dad can't speak English. My biggest wish is to organize a painting exhibition in Canada one day for him. He would be very happy.

他的名字叫刘燕凌 ,国家一级美术师。

His name is Mr. Yanling LIU 。


Flower Collection


Hope you enjoy these paintings :)

And I will let him know

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