Paper and Colour: Craft play by Drawing queen.- A Beautifull art

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Hello steemians....Today my Drawing queen (#greatkid) was quite busy with something...behind the door.

I tried to peep through the closed door to find her quite busy and playing with Paper and Colour. Again a school work which she was quite stuck with.

She made the beautifull crafts using color, drawing pencil and drawing....frankly I am not aware of the source from where she get the picture....and I am also quite impressed with the quotation that is appearing on the drawing.

Attitude is mind Paint-Brush, It can colour any situation.


I found the drawing and quote quite impressive one to share with you all my lovely Steemians. Let take you on a walkthrough how the the whole set up started.

Once i get inside the room I found the colour scattered evverywhere. You find them very common with all the artist. They keep everything close to them to use it as per the need.


On the other side something incomplete picture is kept bit hided beneath the colour paper as it was incomplete so my drawing queen is not intetested to show me the semi finished work.

Still I noticed the road lamp post with the hanging sign board. Obviously it was hand drawing made by my drawing queen. The brown lamp post standing tall


Well the drawing was not complete enough to show, but my drawing queen is busy on getting the chart decorated. She took the chart paper and started to cut paste some paper work on it.


I was quite amazed to see her dedication, as even my presence is not disturbing her. She kept all her focus on to cover the minute things on the crafts so that nothing can be missed on her craftworks.

She done with the drawing and painting on the chart. Now its time to give some finishing touch to make it more attractive. She started to mark certain places near the lamp post. And started to cut small flower from used paper kept beside her.

Actually she was making some flower to put around the lamp post . She cut the paper in small flower shape and later mark it and design it with sketch pen to look like small flower.


The beautifull flower are all hand made, pasted on the chart ...isn't it is beaurifull and quite attractive and look like real flower. Any how these are only finishing touches that she was busy with....the final art was completed and she asking me to frame for my room wall. Although she know she neded it for the school projects.


Looking at the effort she put in, even i wanted to put it on my wall. She said she will draw another one for the school. We still in discusion about whether to givw it to school or to put on my room wall.

For the time being I have captured it on my mobile camera, so that least I have all the memory of the event. The crafts by my Drawing queen.

Thanks so much for apprexiating the little hand efforts. Little mind always do wonder many times 👌😀.

Hey...the effort is put in by my 10 year old Drawing queen, and all the images were taken using my mobile camera

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Keep Steeminggg.......Steem On...!!!

Namaste 🙏🙏



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wow she blessed with talent, keep going :)

What a wonderful talented artist, such an amazing piece of work from one so you - must be very proud.



Yes @c0ff33a .she alwys make me proud...sometimes with unvelivable talk and many a times such art piece👌....i never had such artistic touch😉

Wow! Drawing is beautiful. Loved the quote. So wise!


Thanks @shilpavarma 👍

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she is really talented, do create an account for her on


@sayee what is it about?


Sorry for the late reply. It is an art exclusive website, especially encourages little ones to draw and even sell art work


Well i tried to her name and dob but they ar not acceptiin.....due to her age

Love the quote.


It makes a lot meaning..... @enginewitty glad to see you on my post...thanks :)

Kids are so talented nowadays, they are not just concentrating on school works but also participate in extra curricular activities like this. It will be proud moments for parents when kids show such signs of talent at early age and gives parents extra options to think about children's future.

Good to know your kid and you @steemflow. Best wishes to the little one :)

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Thanks @coolguy123 indeed it makes us proud enough to show the world the quality our next generation posses.👍


Yea, Bangalore is already known for it's gardens, IT companies and keeps attracting the people from other states as well as other countries with job opportunities. No doubt, these kind of initiatives will make it even more popular in the eyes of people all around the world.

As we are talking about games, I just remember the IPL match between our own Royal Challengers Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals is about to start. Hope RCB can pull this off to move ahead to second week with some more confidence to take on other giants.

Good day my friend, following you now.

I to started to teach someone and this is my first experience. Even we learn lot of things from them. Like your Princes teach us that work with dedication and it will be fruitful. @steemflow see you after long time.


Yes @kamesh had been stuck up a lot....many things going around

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Looks like you have a talented artist on your hands. Lovely work.



Thanks @ulqu3 indeed she looks to be talented to draw anything....

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