Last Few Days to Vote on CommuniTEE!

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Be sure to cast your votes for the #CommuniTEE T-shirt design competition! The finalists were chosen during ETH Berlin and the last round of voting involved liking and retweeting on Twitter. Help get two of these incredible designs made and reach consensus on their Proof-of-Wear protocol! The 2 winning entries will be printed and distributed at ETH San Francisco and Status’ upcoming hackathon in Prague. You can see the finalists here and all the submissions for the contest here. (6).gif

Name: Final Voting for CommuniTEE
Website: Link

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Some cool ones in there. I went to vote and ended up getting distracted by signing up for Medium, after everything I've heard. Got back to the Twitter voting eventually, though. Good work everyone!

Will these tees be available in the U.S?