FINALE #2- ARTISTS IN BLOOM Gallery No. 15 - Sharing Children's Art Here On Steemit!!!

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73 children have participated in this ARTISTS IN BLOOM initiative
since it's inception in February 2018.

THIS IS THE FIRST EVER two-part FINALE of the ARTISTS IN BLOOM initiative.  
Since only 2 young artists participated in Gallery No. 15,
I feel it's the prime opportunity to honor each child with their own FINALE!

@reyareyes consistently participated in every single Gallery without missing a beat.  
See FNALE #1 featuring some of the clever artwork of @reyareyes here.

This FINALE #2 is in honor of DrawingQueen,
who is shared here on Steemit through her father @steemflow.  
This is DrawingQueen's fourth submission to the ARTISTS IN BLOOM initiative.
She has consistently surprised and delighted us with sustainable art,
one of my own personal favorite forms of art--reuse, recycle, repurpose, remake.....!
She is very crafty in finding things of little value to others,
and turning them into her own personalized masterpieces
as well as with her drawing pencils.


~~~~ "ARTISTS IN BLOOM" ~~~~
Gallery No. 15, Finale #2

Newspaper Usage by DrawingQueen,
presented by her father @steemflow

Here are a few more of her ARTISTS IN BLOOM contributions:

"The Boy With the Guitar"

Elegant Designer Pot

Friendship Bands

DrawingQueen has not only participated in ARTISTS IN BLOOM,
but also made a Designer Pen Stand
as her entry for my first round of Random Things:

You can see that this 10 year old is going places with her passion.
Please stop by @steemflow's blog to check out DrawingQueen's expressions.
Show her some love with your upvotes and resteems
in support of her very bright and innovative abilities. 

I have no doubt that all the support we can give to our budding artists
will pay off greatly for the future of humanity.

May we all be blessed to see the world
through the eyes of a child!


See the Invitation to Gallery No. 15 here.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  For all who enter the Artists In Bloom Initiative.  
We may have an exciting opportunity to exhibit these works in a year-end finale Gallery (such as Steemfest3 - which is scheduled for November 7-11, 2018 in Krakow, Poland!!)  If you want the child's art to be considered for such an opportunity, you must submit the art via this form.   Enter the highest quality photograph and best example of art.  If you do not fill out the form, the child's art will be excluded from any such exhibit.  If you have not yet submitted your art from this Gallery 15, now is the time!
To see last year's exhibit at ArtAtSteemfest, check out my link here.   
This could be a potential reality again--with the children's art included!

Check out the FINALES of our first fifteen galleries -
No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4,  No. 5, No 6, No. 7,
No. 8, No. 9, No. 10, No. 11, No. 12, No. 13, No. 14, and No. 15-#1.


The potential for children is indeed a rarity to be seen,
as most children are raised in very controlled
environments with strict guidelines,
and lots of shoulds, have-tos and musts.

Holding space for children to be free, creative,
inspired geniuses is one of my greatest delights,
and seeing them thrive at the @gardenofeden is truly a blessing.

Get a glimpse of the Garden of Eden environment based on freedom
and responsibility created by @quinneaker in Arlington, Texas.

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@everlove Instant gift for you...from #drawingqueen .she just made it

A paper Flute


She is excite to celebrate Krishna flute for lord Krishna...


What a super clever girl is DrawingQueen. She is like a fountain of creation with so many happy feelings embedded in her work. Thank you both ever so kindly for this gift. This really made my day!


Yups...she is matured head on his shoulder...and its my pleasure to share her arts with you..glad you loved the flute..🙏

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So truly grateful for the blessings!



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@everlove Instant gift for you...from #drawingqueen .she just made it

A paper Flute


She is excited to celebrate Krishna flute for lord Krishna...