🎨 Creative Kids, Cats, and Comics - Artists In Bloom!


For our family's first entry into the fabulous #artistsinbloom invitation by @everlove, we have a marker illustration by Rosalie, age 5.

Rosalie's Cats

Rosalie's artwork features our two cats: Celo (short for Ocelot) and Beija (Portuguese for Kisses).

Her creative process looks like this.

Gabriel's Superheroes

Gabriel, age 3, is currently learning to draw superheroes, with the help of his superbrother.

Daniel's Comic Book

Daniel's comic book is starting strong, as you can see.

Another exciting project underway in our household is a comic book called Superstar - Return of the Ninja Stars, by Daniel, age 9. Since we had the camera out, we decided to create this 1-minute video intro. You can be the first to see it!

Daniel says he's waiting to create the cover until the book is finished. Here's Page 1.

The Acknowledgements

We're grateful to @everlove for bringing us Artists In Bloom #13. This is our first time participating directly in the event, although we've been admirers for a long while.

Personally, I see the vital importance of creative expression in the world. It feels very meaningful to put these kids' visions onto Steemit today, celebrating their creativity. I feel grateful for the freedom to share my thoughts, words, and actions through Steemit.

Thanks so much for checking out our artwork!

This post contains 100% original content by @cabelindsay (and kids).



Oh yes!!!! You are all here! It's a priceless gift to see the children so inspired to create. It seems you have quite the talent brewing at your house @cabelindsay. Your kids are adorable, and have some good imaginations!

I hope you will share the continued unfolding of the comic book. Brilliant idea, and I love that he is helping Gabriel too. What a joy!

Thank you for sharing their works and for taking the time to enter AIB. I hope we get the opportunity to share at Steemfest3. I presume you filled in your forms?

Grateful to have you all here.

Yep, we filled out your form. Thanks for making that part so simple. We're grateful for your encouragement here. Feels really good to acknowledge the kids this way. Love you, sister.

YAY!! Thanks for helping me make it simple by participating! I so grateful to share the beauty of these children. It's my blessing to do it with you @cabelindsay. Love to you in abundance.

Sweetness! Adorable artworks by some adorable kids.

Art is all we are. Graças à Deus.

awww i absolutely love this! i love the looks in the eyes of your kids. love the strong start and the warm space for creative expression! great job all!! <3

Thanks, sister. The creative fires are burning warm and bright over here, thankfully.

Thanks, sister. The creative fires are burning warm and bright over here, thankfully.