Character design (Gena)

in artisteem •  last month

I was think in try to create a new game project with unity 3d and i made this character design for playing with my imagination for create some protagonist, that design took inspiration in game from classic games like zelda or mario, hope you like it :)

  • made with krita and mouse
process creation

Final with some light and shadow




Sin título.png
I hope with this project can i improve in my programing skill and make a better performance, anyway thanks for watch :)

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The design of the character is very interesting! Have you already thought about a background story for him? or is that still in the design phase?


i hope make soon a post explain more about him and his personality or skill

He looks interesting :D Like a boy with a lot of energy and personality :D Good character design, @elias15g ! And the process is very nicely presented, also <3


thanks, that is the idea and i think the design can present a little bit about his personality, but i want write more about character in a next post :)

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