Drawing "The cat and the rainbow girl" in blue ballpoint pen.

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Hello friends of "Steemit" it is a pleasure to be with you and share this artistic work. Today I want to do this segment of drawing and dedicate it to our beloved pets, many of us have in our homes a loving and naughty cat, in this issue we will talk a little about him.

The story tells that these small cats were domesticated in the ancient "Egypt" where they were revered as a gift from the Gods to humanity, is an animal of good company, is appreciated for its sweetness, its grace and its mysterious penetrating gaze, but very naughty and playful, this artistic work is done in blue ballpoint, on bristol cardboard, with dimensions of 35 cm by 28 cm, in the steps to make this the video in speed of reproduction, accompanied musically with a theme of The Rolling Stone "She is a rainbow", wishing everyone success in their presentations.

"The cat and the girl of the rainbow".

Step number 1 and 2.

We make our sketch in graphite pencil (hb-2) and we proceed with our first layer of ballpoint ink.

Steps 3 and 4

We proceed to work the fur of our beloved cat, very slowly and with small stripes carrying a sequence pattern and we are inclining that pattern as we advance in its anatomy.

steps 5 and 6.

In this step we focus our attention on the look of our beautiful rainbow girl, with great caution and patience around the eye and its characteristics, I particularly use a small magnifying magnifying glass to better see those little details

Drawing done.

Video of the drawing process in high-speed reproduction.


Friends I hope you have a nice time with this "Post" art and I say goodbye with this thought.

"Our pets are special beings that give us the best of themselves to brighten up our lives, let us always show our love and gratitude" .

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entendido amigo así lo haré a continuación, saludos y gracias.

Espectacular tu trabajo estimado amigo. La capacidad de dibujar el pelaje y el iris es impresionante. Me encantan los reflejos de los ojos. Te felicito. Y gracias por hacer un video y mostrarnos como lo haces. Es genial.

un placer mi amigo compartir esta técnica, muy contento de ver tu msj, eres un gran artista y tu trabajo es muy bueno, es agradable ver estos mensajes. saludos.

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thank you friends this is great.

awesome drawing , it needs so much effort with pen, great work !

hola amiga una gran alegría saber que te gusto, tu eres una gran artista en esta comunidad, tu estilo es muy original, muy contento de compartir el arte, saludos y éxitos.

Amazing details! Great work!

thank you friend a glad to know that you like me.

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muy buen trabajo, mucha dedicacion, alguna que otra cosa que se podria mejorar pero es un exelente y impresionante trabajo... felicitaciones!!


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is awesome. Have you been drawing a pencil for a long time?

hello friend, thank you for your positive support, about 5 years ago I started working with this technique and I liked it a lot because it demands precision and details, and it is very useful to advance in others, before I drew in chiaroscuro, oil, pastel and others but When I wanted to draw with a pen, I could not do it, it was a disaster and so it was that I looked for information and started practicing the textures and little by little I was moving forward, thank you, greetings.

I understand, everything is practical and show interest in what is done..
this incredible, you are a professional in this technique, congratulations.♥

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hello friend @cheetah I am the same person, here in "steemit" my name is @betzaelcorvo and in "weku" I only use my surname @corvo, and this work is from my original creation, cat cat greetings.

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thank you thank you cat friend, I am happy for this news, I will follow the indicated parameters, greetings.