I think I should give it a try..

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Hi there!

I'm not sure how to introduce an account to a new or already existing platform. But there it is my welcome post... lol

To me. I'm a mid-thirty self-taught painter from Germany. I never visited an art course nor I enjoyed another kind of art related education. I just started to paint in December 2014 und kept painting since... and I really enjoy it! ..so many thanks to all who provide such useful videos on youtube and other websites. It helps a lot to get some knowhow from somewhere! At least a bit.

Next to my full-time job and my little one I only have time to paint during the night - until late late at night - and on days off and when my little one is with his dad.

Wanted to add a photo of my studio but it didn't work. Will try it later again.

So guys! Well! Hope you all are doing fine...

Just a corner, a glimps...

A space I wished for a long time... a room just for my art.

Before I moved into my current apartment I worked in a room that combined kitchen, living room, my bedroom, and studio & office in one room. I really miss having the kitchen and my bed just right next to my easle but now some smell stays in a seperate room. That's fine, too.

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Hello Raboeart

I hope you manage to workout how to upload your photos soon, I had the same problem when I first started yesterday :) When make a post you can drag and drog your photo into the text or upload from your pc. I hope this helps <3 I'm having an awesome day so far Thanks


Yeah, I did figured it out :D
Many thanks for stopping by and a nice day to you as well!