It's a daily battle. Many people hire trainers to lose weight or google search how to lose 15 pounds in a month. To lose weight, tone the body or gain muscle, trainers show clients how to do it correctly and effectively. Many clients quit because they don't see results after many months of hard work. Many of these clients neglect a major aspect of a healthy lifestyle: diet.

Many people believe that if they exercise or diet well, they will lose weight. This mindset can be broken by having clients imagine exercise and diet on opposite sides of the scale. If someone is overcompensating for one, they will not reap the benefits of the others. While a diet that doesn't include exercise is great, it won't result in a toned body or muscle buildup. However, excessive exercise without diet is not going to produce positive results. To achieve a particular body type, to fit into a specific piece of clothing, or maintain a current figure. A diet should be balanced with exercise It is not a competition.

Balance Diet & Exercise

Loyola University has found that exercise has many health benefits, including a lower risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and improving your mental health as well as overall mood. Exercise alone is not enough to help you lose weight. Many people make the mistake of thinking that exercising burns calories, but that they can eat more calories to compensate.

People can lose more calories by including HIIT such as TRUE’s Next-Level Training in their workouts or increasing the incline, like the Alpine Runner. After that, people will experience better weight loss results if they consume a healthy meal, which is low in calories, but high in healthy fats, carbs, and other nutrients.

Cheat Days are Okay in Moderation

Priorities and practicality must prevail. Recommend to clients to exercise at least once a week, and to eat healthy food and drink every day. It's okay to reward clients with cheat days every once in a while. Many trainers recommend cheat days to clients to avoid frustration and burnout.

It is possible to achieve your goals if clients remember the end result with every meal and workout. Balanced diet and exercise are not easy, but they are essential to a healthy lifestyle.

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