Artexplosion week 57 theme -psechedelics.- "saving a heart"

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Hello everyone,

Here I present my newest work of art. I made it for the artexplosion week nr 57 psechedelics by @juliakponsford
When I was searching psechedelic and art in this theme looks like, I got surprised by all the colors coming at me. I immediatly got a lot of inspiration and thought of how I felt and what would be cool to to with this theme. It had to be colorful, and it has to attract the eyes of the beholder, yes take a good look.
This week I was visiting the doktor, my general practitioner and I saw art hanging on the wall. It were 2 paintings py the same artist and both paintings looked the same at first except that one was in white tones and the other one had all kinds of colors. When I looked longer I started to compare them to each other and saw how there were little differences. My GP got me busted over there staring at art. " You like them?" He asked. I answered yes, it's inspirational to look at them both and see the little differences. Well what I was saying, the staring and scanning I did with the art I saw, would love it if you do that with this colorful piece of me.

Here it is, it's called

"saving a heart"

The idea of the heart comes from a movie that I recently watched, a couple that was deeply in love were separated by a tragedy and it touched me 💔. So when I draw a broken heart, I want to make sure it heals again and why not draw that too? After I "fixed" the heart, I realized, my drawing needs magic. this time no mermaids, but fairies.
And after that it flew directly out of my hand. these little fairies, help the heart keeping it together and making sure she doesn't fall into the black whole that you can see at the bottom.
I'm sure they will manage because of their positivity.

Check out the process pictures here:

This art is made by @nymia.aryn ©® all rights reserved ©®

Thank you so much for visiting my today's post I hope you liked reading my story about my creativity and loved looking at it😉

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