Art explosion week 42: “Peace to the World” timelapse video painting using oil acrylic amd resin on canvas

in artexplosion •  5 months ago

“Peace to the World”

(12 x 16 inch oil, acrylic and resin on canvas)


Hello friends, i would like to share my art, this painting was inspired by the recent trip we made to “Yosemite National Park” these are my three kids on painting, it was a priceless moment capture on camera and on canvas. You git to love that peace sign...✌🏻
here is the photo that was used for this painting

Now here is my Video Timelapse painting

I combined all the mediums using oil for the first layer and allowed it to dry then poured some resin then allowed that to dry and painted the portrait uaing acrylic then pour my last layer of resin and allowed that to dry overnight. Its a bit of a time consuming work of art, but it is very much worth it. And it also has some depth and 3D effect.

Thank you so much for viewing my artwork
this is my entry for Art Explosion week 42: No theme. By @juliakponsford here is a link to her post


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Priceless indeed. 😊

Great one dear. I like the hill you paint very much. It is more beautiful than the reference photograph. Wish you all the best.


appreciate it @tanjir1990

@errymil, I examine both pics for more than 30 minutes and found that your painting is much better than real one...
you are trying to give your best for this painting and there is no doubt about your succeed. Your painting is showing much greenery in front of the family.
happy family enjoying the natural Beauty of nature..


thank you

Wow! I like green and blue colors! Great job!