ART EXPLOSION WEEK 44: Theme REBELLION (digital illustration)

in artexplosion •  3 months ago
The spirit of rebellion is the title of my art. The force that drives the oppressed masses, the growing energy that drives people to fight for rights, the powerful force to face the oppressor, is the dragon; a beast born of the collective unconscious, intimidating and powerful, a creature made of the energy of people and capable of great changes.

El espiritu de la rebelión.jpg

This is my entry to the ART EXPLOSION WEEK 44: Theme REBELLION contest by @juliakponsford.

Digital illustration made with a wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop software.



Sketch on sketch.


More color.

Outline completed.

Tone details.

More details of tones.

Details of the dragon finished, start sketch of the stage.

Colored of stage.

More colored of stage.

More colored of stage.

Details of lights and shadows.

Details of lights and shadows completed.

Thank you for having come this far. Bye!

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Awesome. Interesting how close that dragon is to the common portrayal of kundalini energy with its 3.5 coils. Is there any inspiration or reference intended? This is a great drawing.


Hello @shookriya, to make this illustration I thought about the impotence that people feel when abused by the rulers and also thought that that emotion shared by many people should be like a powerful spirit, like a dragon. I did not know it was Kundalini so far that I read your comment and investigate on the web, this topic seems very interesting to me. Thank you very much for going through here.


Yes, its a very apropriate metaphor. Lots of interesting meanings behind the symbol of the dragon for various different people. Your drawing definitely got that feeling across of facing an almost all powerful being and having very little hope but doing it anyway.


A threatened bee confronts a human, although it surely dies. But when 10,000 bees face the human, the human can die. A bee is only a bee, but 10,000 bees are a dragon.


I believe that my friend. I hope there are not 10,000 dragons.


If the dragons exist it is better that they remain asleep.


=) much better.

:) I feel the energy!


We all feel it!

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