ARTQUEST-TRAIL#13 (ARTchallenge) Theme Announcement. 700 TRAIL +15 SBD Prize Pool — Steemit

ARTQUEST-TRAIL#13 (ARTchallenge) Theme Announcement. 700 TRAIL +15 SBD Prize Pool

in artchallenge •  2 years ago

enter image description here

I would like to thank again all the participants of Artquests! It was really great! Amazing stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am happy to announce a new theme. The contest is organised by @aksinya.

I got a request to choose more optimistic theme. I will try to find one in the near future. But I think paintings which make you think are not that funny in most cases.

THEME FOR ARTCHALLENGE #13 will be a surreal painting of a Polish artist Pavel Kuchinski. Actually it could be optimistic to one of the side...or not)). You decide....

enter image description here
Pavel Kuchinski

The RULES are very easy.

  • Vote and Resteem this post
  • Write a comment with your interpretation of the painting I posted. I will be very happy if you want to make a separate post with the tag #artchallenge. Please don't forget to leave a link to your post in the comment to this post. It would be also good if you mention the link to my announcement post
  • You can make up to 3 versions
  • End of challenge will be Saturday at 00:00 (UTC +3).

I am travelling again this week so please don't lose me if I don't answer your comments.


  • Winner - 300 TRAIL + 7 SBD
  • Second place - 250 TRAIL + 5 SBD
  • Third place - 150 TRAIL + 3 STEEM


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Please FOLLOW, VOTE and RESTEEM this post and I am waiting for your entries!

I will be also very happy to any support of the artchallenge! If you want to be a judge or a sponsor, you are very welcome!

I would like to THANK again those who supported this challenge, all the participants, the invited judges @looftee, @surpassinggoogle, @paolobeneforti and @silviabeneforti and @ezzy, @steem-trail (Steem Trail team) and our sponsors @ogochukwu and @looftee.

Join me on a quest to discover the treasures of beautiful artworks!

I would also like to invite you to my new ARTstyleART contest:
4th ARTstyleART Theme Announcement. Surrealism II + Portrait.

Always yours, @aksinya.

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Here is my entry

I love the color white
It's pure light
she says
looking at her wedding dress
Oh look at the rice in sunlight
blessing the bright
people say with joy
throwing it like a toy

I hate the color white
it´s dark as night
he says
thinking of his daily stress
picking up the rice
being poor as mice
Oh, look at those hurting hands
of me and my friends
fighting the tears
and our fears


Thank you very much! Great one!


And thank you for showcasing these interesting pieces of artwork!! I shall strive to use my noodle for every doodle!!:-)



I think this painting alludes to Jean-Francois Millet’s painting "The Gleaners" (1857) which has been referenced by artists such as Banksy, Van Gogh and others. The earthy colours used in the painting also show the source of inspiration. Weddings are meant to be happy and usually the colours would be brighter so I think it highlights the gap between the poor and the rich in an interesting way.

The people celebrating the wedding are throwing rice for good luck (or wishing fertility for the newlyweds) while the gleaners are picking up the rice grains. There is great thought put into the details since the gleaners wear the triangular hats commonly seen in Asia among people working in the rice fields. In Chinese we call these hats Douli 斗笠 and they are usually made of bamboo. The painting not only comments on the gap between the haves and have nots it also points to cultural differences between the East and the West. I see the painting as a call for people not to waste and to think of the less fortunate while you celebrate joyful occasions such as weddings.


Very very good! Thank you!!!!!!

Dear @aksinya! Please find my interpritation here:
Mankind rarely thinks about life itself. But it is so diverse, as simple as that. It is necessary to understand that we are all just completing each other in various forms and events in order to acquire the experience of coexistence.

It is necessary to understand that when one of us rests, the other works, when one is born, the other is dying, when one is sprinkled, the other is gathering, when one is teaching, the other is learning, when one is eating, the other is hungry, one is crying, the other is laughing, when one condemns, the second takes, when one loves, the other is blind...

It is necessary to understand that I am blind for you, and you love me. It is necessary to understand that we are one whole, which lives in parts. The parts of the whole. Then our view of the other person will be illuminated by joy and happiness. After all, it gives me the opportunity to be now what I want to be ...

Today I got married and me and my young wife are traditionally sprinkled with corn. But I should look around, as I understand that today I am the one that is harvesting, and the one that is happy, looking at the young couple. So I am Everything and I am the Part of Everything, an important Part without which Everything could not exist ...


very very good!

Thank you for Artchallenge! This is my entry.
Human is a strange creature. He dreams to find out what happens to the expanses of the Universe and in the depths of the ocean or in parallel worlds. But at the same time he completely does not see the parallel worlds next to him. Young spouses go into space, saturated with different worlds, their surrounding. A huge number of worlds live their planetary life within a single planet. This is a parallel reality. But we are so busy with ourselves and with each other that we do not notice it.


Agree completely!

I want to join.....

@aksinya my interpretation,
In this world there must be people to pick the rice so it can be thrown at weddings. There must be pain so we can see the beauty. Without salty sweet is just not nearly as sweet. It's within this circle of co-existence does our community grow and live on to pick more rice so that we can throw it at weddings.

Been busy with getting a new project. Missed a few rounds but I'm BACK.....
for more action.
#artchallenge 🎨🖼️ # 13 - The Wealth Divide (by @ace108)


I was missing you! And I even started to worry!


Thanks. Will be getting busy.

Wow! What a nice idea to organise a contest. Will surely submit my interpretation soon.
Its my first day on steemit would love to have a my first follow on first day.
Following u :)

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thanks for sharing


Thanks for introducing us to another great artist


Look forward to your entry!

I like the challenge! I feel like fun challenges like this help out the community because they promote user interaction :)

Can't you do chracter design contest? It is kinda boooriiiinnnnnngggggg.


can you write in details pls. Didn't quite understand. If you don't like this You can check others..There are tons of others...I like this one and there are a lot of people who like it as, thank you for your opinion..


Well. Don't mind if I sounded odd or something. I enjoy drawing anime fanarts and original anime character designs. So, I felt it is kind of boring, no offense. though. I would love to join if I can do pencil drawing (no colors)


Ohhh Looks like you have not read the text.)) It is not my painting. This contest is to give interpretations to the painting I suggest)). If you are an artist, please check another my contest at @aksinya. Today i have made a post with the winners and tomorrow I will announce a new theme.