The incredible quartett

in #art5 years ago (edited)


I imagined a funny situation with my favorite celebrities.

Amundsen plays piano, Mozart drinks champagne and Chick Corea reads a newspaper. :)
The waiter is Ányos Jedlik. He is a Hungarian physicist who in 1826 built the first soda water machine.


Thank you for posting @zsolt.vidak.

What a humourous play on culture. What is not to love.

Appreciate the interesting and multi-dimensional art.

Keep up the good work. Thinking art.

All the best. Cheers.

Thank you for your kind words Bleujay!

nice post i upvoted you keep it up the good work check out my blog i hope u like it

Thank you Harry! :) Your blog is cool. I started to follow you.

fantastic style, mozart caught my attention first... he kind of looks like he is plotting something...

Thank you Shae-meyer! :) :)

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