My winning stamp design for the Hungarian Post

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In my older post, I showed you the plan that didn't win. And now I would like to show you my winning stamp design. :)
The theme was: Jules Verne: Captain Nemo.
Publisher: Hungarian Post.










And this is my FDC (First Day Cover) with stamp and seal. On the FDC is the portrait of Jules Verne.



I loved this theme and this book of Verne. So I am very glad that my plan has won the competition.

Thank you for watching! :)

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Incredible post stamps! I would feel terrible if i had to ruin one of those to send a letter... They are so cool they should be put on a wall!

Phenomenal work, @zsolt.vidak!

😁 thank you!!! 😊

Gosh, Zsolt <3 CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING !!!! I love, love, LOVE these stamps so much, you are so amazing * ___ * The colours and designs on each stamp are simply superb and full with fantastic creativity * ___ *


I have no words. I LOVE these.

Congrats again <3 You are super \o/

Thank you so much for your kind words @veryspider ! :) I am so glad you like it!

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Many thanks!

Wow your stamp is pretty amazing! The design is so well done, the colours are crisp and coordinated, the details and the drawing are attractive, it looks goooooodd.

Congratulations for winning the Hungarian Post's contest. I'm sure they're thrilled with your entries :).

Thank you for your kind words @scrawly ! 😊 I am glad you like the colours and details. These are an important part of my work.