Origami art (modular origami) - painting of a Hello Kitty

in art •  3 years ago 

Hello Steemit! Hello friends.

First of all I wish you all a good day.

Today I want to show you my new job in origami.

I spent a lot of zeal and power :) I am very pleased with the results, and so I hope you enjoy it.

Origami art (modular origami) - painting of a Hello Kitty

The process itself:

Thank you very much for your attention. I hope you enjoyed it. I would be very grateful for your voice. Good luck everyone!

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Woooooow, you're SUPER patient!:) Nice artwork, upvoted and followed you!:) I wouldn't manage with such art, it's way too much zeal!:)

Thank you so much. Very nice. In fact, not so hard :)

May be not that hard, but so much effort:) And time, perhaps:)

Time is really spent on it a lot :)