Cetacean Drawing Contest

in art •  2 years ago 

Hello friends of Steemit, here my participation for the Cetacean Drawing Contest, which consists of drawing whales and dolphins.


My drawing I chose the humpback whale, it is a very sociable whale, it does a lot of cartwheels and it is very curious, most of the time it pokes its head out of the water to take a breath and to see its surroundings.

Use the following materials:
Graphite pencil
Colored crayons
Pencil sharpener

Drawing process:
First trace the drawing with the graphite pencil

Then I painted it with the colored crayons and markers.


Well friends, I hope you like it, thank you for visiting my post.

Contest link:https://steemit.com/art/@jacinta.sevilla/cetacean-drawing-contest-now-open-15-steem-20-sbd-prizepool

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oho nice contest, and your drawing is good too:)

Thanks, it's very fun.

Wow very nice!!! :D

Superb dear you are owsome

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