Artist of the Day: Rachel Walker - presented by @yourservice

in art •  last year

Who: Rachel Walker

What: Watercolour artist specialising in native birds and creatures.

Where: New Zealand - based in Wellington.

Why: I discovered Rachel's work while visiting various galleries and art shows around New Zealand. Her distinct work kept popping up and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. So much motion, energy and attention to detail. I love the combination of the ink to add those little bits of detail not necessarily obtainable solely with watercolours. Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do.

Medium: Water Colours, Ink.

Reputation: Well established in New Zealand.

Representation: Multiple throughout New Zealand

Wellington: Matchbox Gallery, Cuba Street. Artrium Gallery, Thorndon.
Napier: Quay Gallery, Ahuriri.
Coromandel: Moko Gallery, Hot Water Beach.
Hamilton: Soul Gallery, Barton street.
Hawera: Quirky Fox gallery, High Street.
Queenstown: Vesta Design store.

I love it, show me more:




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They look awesome. Love the style..


@giorgiomarino Tell me. I was close to purchasing the first image of the King Fishers. Watched another person walk out of the art show with it under his arm. It hurt. One day I will have an original of her work. Love supporting artists I appreciate. Glad you like it.

I love them!!


@gabyen3d Thanks for jumping into the conversation. I think I like her work so much because it is the kind of thing I'd like to be able to do. I just need to apply myself I suppose.


You can do it @yourservice !! Everything is a matter of focus ... if it persists you will succeed