Dragon Ball Goku Anime Drawing

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Hi Guys! Today I am posting with drawing of Goku, one of the main characters of Dragon Ball Series. I was wanting to draw a anime for quite a long time but haven't got a clue why I didn't. But I am glad I did it today and I guess I will do more in future. So, here it is:

I used a mechanical pencil for sketch, black uni-pin markers of different sizes for bordering and brush colour pens to colour on a 100 gsm sketch book. Here are the snapshots of the drawing process:

The sketch of upper part:

The full sketch:

Line work with black marker:

Finished Colouring!

Oh no, the eyes are not white so used a white gel pen and signed off;

If you have any feedback or suggestion do comment below. I am using busy app for this post and previous posts and receving support for my content. Do check out the app.

If you would like to check my other artworks, please visit my profile. Hope you guys like the artwork and do follow me to see future works.


Oh man hell yeah I love Dragonball Z. In fact I have my own Goku image I digitally painted a while ago which I would love to share. If I could offer one suggestion if you'd like to try, is to put a slightly darker outline around the whole image. I've found this just recently and it really makes a picture 'pop'. Fantastic work either way!

I have given this an upvote and resteem for being part of the previous Steemit Art Register now that my power has recharged. Thankyou for your patience and I really hope to see more of you art soon 😊

If you like you can see the next edition here: Steemit Art Register #2

Thank you @spaceginger for your suggestion and definately like to see your work of Goku! Also, thank you for your support!

hi there @yogesssh,nice art.I'm also a fanatic of anime and anything related to drawing. and I also draw my favorite character here in steemit. hope you'd spare time to visit my page https://steemit.com/@lmfao3124/ and follow me, then give an upvote if you like and I will surely do the same thing.

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