"Entangled by Django" (Original Painting)

in art •  2 months ago


Yesterday I finished this painting dedicated to one of my favorite musicans of all time: Django Reinhardt.

Wherever I go I have this track playing somewhere in the back of my mind. I hope you enjoy it too...

Lots of Light and Love <3

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@yoganarchista, In my opinion this art is showcasing the multiple emotions and for sure this art hold the deep essence, sometimes we never analyse an art.

Life holds all colours and all these colours are nothing but the Situations and Emotions which we face in the life and great to know that Music is inspiration for this art.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

wow i love the colours ❤😊❤ Really lovely work. I especially love seeing the your expression 😊❤😊 love your art work my friend yoganarchista


Thank you for your comment ;) I am happy you enjoy my art and the way I arranged the photograph :) Love <3


most welcome friend yoganarchista, you are truly artist

Nice painting and loved the music too!


Cheers ;) Yes, this is truely enchanting music :)

Done wonderfully!
You are in expert in art.I highly appreciate your work.Carry on my best friend @yoganrchista
All the best...


Thank you very much ;)

I enjoying the lovely music as I write this. I hope he looks down and sees your painting. How did he die? He does some good jazz. Thanks my friend @yoganarchista


Thank you very much <3


Awesome painting...really i love your art 🎨 ..my dear friend yoganarchista

Wow!! What a song! And what a painting! Seriously, great work. I'm definitely going to have to check out more of Django's work, as well. Thank you :)

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@yoganarchista, That would be fantastic painting work. There are most fashionable colors indeed. I love those paintings. Nice job.


Cheers :) I am happy you like my work ;)

Lovely music. And your tribute painting is wonderful!

Interesting original painting ! There's a lot of energy in this one :) Probably came from the music you were painting with ! :D Very lovely work~

wowww. I like that very much!
cool and moving!
I congratulate you for your wonderful style, my dear friend. excellent!

Ziemlich abgefahren und schön bunt!
Die Art, wie Du das Bild präsentierst, finde ich auch sehr gelungen! ;-)

Thank you @yoganarchista for sharing your art. I love to see the works of other people and try to guess what they thought while doing the works. I have a feeling that first you have another painting in background showing probably the house beautifully arranged plant on right lower corner and the blue sky on opposite side. But then your main painting came into center, looks like a portrait, The color combination you used is absolute contrast to the background one that makes is stepping forward.

I never heard about Django Reinhard, but the music is beautiful, I love his guitar play, even without singer his guitar can transmit the emotion and cries, I love how violin step into the in the middle and the expression of it makes music interesting too. Love it, thank you for sharing, Cheers, @Stef1

You get a thumbs up and vote just for Django, I love Django! Also I love your art work too of course :)

ehh wait are you naked ? hahahha