Another drawing inspired by the 75th birthday of LSD

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I have already shown you two drawings I created during the festival in Basel last week. The whole scenery of the event totally fascinated me. So this is another drawing I wanted to share with you. I drew it in the sound dome. A guy in front of me let his legs dangle from the hangmat he was sitting in. I was fascinated that the shadow of the feet was in the profile perspective because of couse the light was coming from the side and above. If you have never heard of a sound dome you should check it out if something like this is buildt somewhere you can reach. It is fascinating if the sound moves through the room and the subwoovers make your whole body vibrate because they are placed under the floor.

Check out my other two drawings of last week if you like:

Acid Fairy
Ganja, Psilos, Peyotl


Lots of Light and Love <3


how are you friends, this is an art that you describe so amazing, may you succeed

your art drawing is so amazing, have a nice day, I will restem for your kindness to me dear

Thank you very much for your support ;) I am happy to hear you like it ^^

yes, thanks dear yes, i will always appreciate your work, because i want you to succeed

Wow it's amazing! How are you mate?

Thank you :) I am doing fine. @kaliberlin is going good. We have an event in 1 1/2 hours. I am looking forward to that :)

about the drawing it seems creativity with the shadow as well as your selfie.

Thank you very much <3 I am happy you like it ;)

season is coming ;)

:) Yeaaaah, finally some blue sky ^^

LSD's birthday has given you more objects to paint. I always admire every show of great work from your hands. Good luck always for you @yoganarchista.

Thank you :D It was a true inspiration <3 Thank you as well for sharing your amazing photography. It is great to see the small beings so detailed almost like on LSD :D

I am also grateful for any support for my small work. Hopefully one day I can meet you in one place. My greetings to @sature, @akashas and your other great friends. Glad to know you guys. 😊👍

Awesome drawing this is best drawing . Is this your pic. You are looking so pretty.
Thanks for share my friend @yoganarchista

Thank you for your nice words :)

You are able this word

I like this drawings :-)

Thank you <333

that's really so amazing...............theme........i like your art and i mostly enjoy very of luck...........

Cheers ^^ I wish you all the best and good luck as well <3

great art friend, good luck,

Good comment - no upvote? Nice try :D

hope you can help me

Well you learned fast ;) I resteemed your introduction post so people can become aware of you. Thanks for the support ^^

yes, I will always remember your kindness to me, I will keep trying so that I can be like you over success.

If you draw well then it is understood by your beautiful drifting. Really priceless drawings

Thank you very much :) I am happy you enjoy my works :) Unvoted you for you commented positivly without supporting me with an upvote !

Sehr nice mal wieder! :)

Wow great work I really love your drawings.

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