Amazon Cleric versus Zombies - Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Art

in art •  11 months ago

Amazon Cleric.jpeg

Here's a look at one of the character illustrations I did for the upcoming AS&SH harback core game rules. I had a lot of fun with this one and think it captures the feel of the cleric quite well. I was going for an old Savage Sword of Conan type feel with these. Enjoy and happy gaming!

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looking fabulous

It definitely captures the feel of the cleric quite well for sure

mesmerising work

Another nice post from creative artwork from @xyanthon
Wel done my dear friend...
Superb work...good job..
Happy steeming..

Reminds the movie that I have watched yesterday - THE MUMMY 2017
Great piece of artwork and thanks for sharing!


Honestly this is so awesome and way cool.


Thank you!

Wonderful! What weapon is in the hand of the character?


Thank you! It would be considered a horseman's hammer or a maul.


very good

Very nice and good post for new users. @naz722

Guao dibujas excelente, que don tan maravilloso @xyanthom, éxitos

This is Spectacular! and I love its ingenuity.