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Digital art made by @xpilar

under vann 1 A.jpg

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Wondering what your thoughts and description are from my picture

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An adventure at the bottom of the sea.

Daniel and Marta lived an extraordinary vacation, an experience to repeat.
And so they took a boat and went to enjoy the last days of vacations that were left.
They spent days sailing and one day it started to rain with force, so much so that the ship sank.
Being in the middle of the ocean, with the water so cold and with so much fear they despaired.
Both were drowning, Marta lost the knowledge very fast but Daniel was losing his vision but before he saw a school of dolphins that were approaching them.

One of the dolphins contacted them and told them to calm down, that everything would be fine.
Daniel was impressed to be able to communicate with the dolphin, and suddenly could breathe so calmly, turned looking for his wife and was surprised to see that Marta played happily with the dolphins.
Daniel and Marta walked around the surroundings with tranquility and enjoying to the fullest.
The dolphin assured him that the experience was just beginning and that it would show them a much more exciting and fun area.
An area called STEEMIT.

Thanks for your great and nice story @jdbs


Great artwork

Your artwork remind me about our platform and I make a story or you can say a description.

On the ocean floor some dolphins swim together. Those who are already accustomed to working together as a team are conducting oceanic checks. It turned out that their movements were also followed by other small fishes that were rheumatoid, red fish, and also minnows. These little fish see how dolphins have been kind enough to give them protection and support for their families. until they finally decide to continue to join wherever the dolphins migrate or are located. They are determined to unite to create a better community. They want to make steemit oceans a good habitat for all residents. Therefore they are choosing a suitable place to develop an ecosystem.
When passing through a basin on the sea floor they see something else. there they saw a blockchain ship wreckage. This ship is a relic of the past. This ship contains various valuable sources of wealth. Gold, gems, diamond diamonds and various types of precious stones. this ship is still in place even though the ocean's undercurrent is tight. the wreckage of the ship has also begun to be overgrown with various marine vegetation and plankton. they see this as a good opportunity to shape the ecosystem. then they together see the best. there are several proposals put forward by dolphins.
the first they will move the ship to where they came from. but this opinion got a rebuttal because to move an old ship is certainly not easy. it will be easily destroyed because at the time of appointment and removal certainly experience different pressure in water. Different pressures will destroy valuable objects and cannot be used.
Another proposal is to move the dolphin community around the ship. This opinion was finally accepted by all communities.
then they begin to build the ruins by working together. The ship blockchain, which was in the form of a long-standing collapse, returned to normal. There a variety of good vegetation. From a small community, it grows as an established and well-developed ecosystem

Thank you @xpilar
Warm regard from Indonesia

thanks for your great description @rokhani

Forgotten on the bottom of ocean once majestic sailing ship that was proud of the countries, traveling to remote countries and taking part in discoveries, now alone in the depth of deep water. Abandoned by human but became a second home for see life. Who knows may be one day someone will find it and people speak again about that Sailing boat that got lost many years ago. Nice see motif, of course my passion. Thank you for this digital work :)

thanks for your description @stef1

Superpod of Dolphin

Hi Xpilar, a very beautiful and inspiring work about the marine ecosystem contained in your picture, especially dolphins that are the center of conversation.
I think, one dolphin swimming is quite astonishing. Especially if hundreds or even thousands of dolphins swim in our eyes directly with variety and style; Wow! Wow! Wow! Maybe how fantastic it is.

Oh, yes! It turns out that dolphin behavior and humans have similarities such as group life, social relations, and communication. This shows that dolphins have the nature of social and cooperative behavior that is similar to human social culture.

Then some other unique characteristics that I know about dolphins in relation to the culture of human life such as working together for mutual benefit and like to play social games.

This ability is also possessed by dolphins, with very large and anatomically sophisticated brains that they have.

We need to understand what makes humans different from other animals. To do this, we need a control group other than primates, and dolphins are a group that can be considered, I think.

Xpilar, Thanks!
Happy weekend
Enjoy and have fun

thanks for your description @seha76

Cool man but wedeserve a higher resolution please render it in higher res! i wanna see TEXTURES on tyhsioe dolphins! and piurate some high qiality particl rteender software, coem on! pirate a version of maya on thepiratebay and really get at iT! hahaha nevermind just kidding today u can ue blender and get beautiful stuf as godo as any porofessional software

hehe, thank you @ackza

My love pirate (poem)

With your being you make me feel like a woman

With your kisses I feel wet

You take me to the depths of the seas

I discover a colorful world in your hands

You find my hidden treasures

You are my love pirate, the genuine discoverer of passion

A world of adventures are lived under the waters, diverse species make life in that space of our planet, great discoveries have been made in the marine world, boats, treasures, plants, special structures that have fallen from the skies but still much remains to be discovered. From the intelligence of each of the species to the form of survival and organization are the relevant aspects to be studied. There are many things to discover in this deep system of aquatic life.

Un mundo de aventuras se viven bajos las aguas, especies diversas hacen vida en ese espacio de nuestro planeta, grandes hallazgos se han logrado en el mundo marino, embarcaciones, tesoros, plantas, estructuras especiales que han caído desde los cielos pero aún falta mucho por descubrir. Desde la inteligencia de cada una de las especies hasta la forma de sobre vivencia y organización son los aspectos relevantes para ser estudiadas. Hay muchas cosas pendientes por descubrir en ese profundo sistema de vida acuático.

Hello @xpilar, nice to meet you. Your digital image is amazing. It looks beautiful. I really like your digital image. and in my opinion your digital image is very good to describe.

a dolphin and a whale are competing to swim to help the small fish on the sinking ship. maybe the little fish is trapped inside the ship so they can't get out.

this is the struggle and affection of dolphins and whales. they will not let the small fish suffer. this is just my description of the digital image you are displaying.

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thanks for your description @aulia1993

The amazing underwater world

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The image look amazing

under the water damn that's perfectly lit up :D

Hello @xpilar, how are u doing? What a very interesting painting about the beauty of the underwater world. Enjoy your day, sir.

Very beautiful photo, amazing :)

Welcome :)

very nice and great digital-art my dear friend @xpilar very good post

High quality pic, the most important thing, so clear Art by xpilar

I wonder what those dolphins think about when they see the shipwreck. Nice imagination, @xpilar.

It really is an underwater world out there. So much left to explore here on earth itself. Nice art, @xpilar :)

this post is amazingly good, I am very interesting to see your post.

thank you again @xpilar

En un remoto ayer alguien con ilusión emprendió un proyecto(un viaje de negocio,
o de placer...) no imaginando que el fin seria catastrófico, y, en el fondo del mar lamentablemente pereció, o, perecieron, quedó sumergido todo lo que se había planificado.¿Nos podremos imaginar que sintieron esas almas que iban en esa embarcación?, debió ser desesperante. Encomendémonos a Dios en todo camino.

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, Art Of Underwater World.

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Ammm I like those big whales and dolphin around maybe I will get some good upvote from them :)

it can happen 🙂@cryptotrader84

great artwork about natural beauty

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That ship wrecked in the middle of the ocean is very original, great work mister @xpilar!

Amazing under sea point of view.
There are many details.

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I imagine it is a very beautiful underwater scenery.

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a sea in 3D, impressive

Nice world inside the sea awesome nature.

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digital art about natural beauty that is very fantastic

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I love your works in the sea, always full of life and color.

beautiful digital art about natural scenery, awesome

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This very good post has beautiful art

Nice post dear

The beauty of the environment under the sea.

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