Watercolor Art - A vase of Tulips.

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Watercolor Painting - A vase of Tulips.
Dimensions : Height: 27.5 Centimeters; Width: 18.5 Centimeters
This free , spontaneous drawing is derived from an artwork that I saw on Pinterest. I love tulips and this naive style fascinated me. The artwork is done using watercolour paints and ,pen for the outlines.
I have used very inexpensive supermarket watercolour paints in this painting and they acted almost as diluted poster paints. The end result is satisfactory in terms of paint-quality results because the subject matter does not require sophisticated paints.
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You can use this art as a card, as an artwork in a frame or even laminate copies of these artworks as placemats. Or even just do this art as a form of meditation to 'go' into a place of solitude. There are no rules. Use this painting only as an inspiration.
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very beautiful painting...

thank you bro!

Well done, I used to be good at drawing when i was young but i seem to of somehow lost the skill. For me in my younger days i was always drawing aircraft and steam locomotives. I was never any good with paint though.

Thank you ! I hope you will try sometimes with paint.

I like your still of watercolor, especially for doing the flowers and combine so many different colours looks very special :)

Thank you . I do appreciated.

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