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RE: This Time I'll Write A Headline That Looks Like A Professional Wrote It So You Don't Think The Post Is Trash

in #artlast year

This vote was doubled. Half of it for the art and the other half for the epic rant.

I still believe there is a time and a place for post promotion. But not with shit like that. :)

Anyway, have a good evening Thanks for creating art for CreativeCoin.


Yeah, I agree, and can't wait to see more curators step up to do post promotion after the hardfork. The tribes have purchasable slots, so that helps and I'm certain at some point I'll buy one if I ever feel like writing a promotion.

What's interesting is that, in time, these tribes will be dying for talent and it'll be them reaching out, offering contracts to producers, and paying. That's a true promoter. Someone that wants talent to work in their venue, to secure a cut of profits. Steemit's system, that has nothing to do with STEEM, is just a joke that appeals to amateurs. I saw one young lady the other day buy votes for a selfie and a paragraph. It must suck to be that person. Buying likes, pretending to be popular, on a blockchain, where everyone can see. Oh well.

Oops. Rambling again. You have a good evening as well!

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