“Hi, I'm Anatoku Chan!” Created by Mr. Taniguchi, Tokyo 2020 Mascot Designer / 初めまして「あなとくちゃん」です

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“Hi, I'm Anatoku Chan!” Created by Mr. Taniguchi, Tokyo 2020 Mascot Designer

Your Special Mission News Crew of the West Japan Daily (Nishinippon Shimbun) has created its own mascot, Anatoku Chan. Utilizing membership-based social network sites, readers can directly request journalists to investigate issues concerning their daily lives, problems in their neighborhood, unethical behaviors within organizations, and so on.
This character was created by Ryo Taniguchi, the designer of the mascots of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. The character motif is a Japanese badger, based on image of the Special Mission News Crew running about to dig up news and scoops, in the same way that this inhabitant of Kyushu digs deep and long holes.

Its name was chosen through a public vote on the Internet out of several other candidates.




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