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RE: Crafting with @littleblue. Ninja Turtle Treasure Box Update And Completion.

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Hi :]

Oh wow that is Cowabunga Awsome! I want one lol. Your doing way better than i have on project stuff. Lots in my mind and really working on it. Gonna try and start a "1 thing a day" thing. Ive done it before when i was in business. And did "7 most important things a day". Amazing how fast 1 thing a day adds up. Im now inspired to do a lil project myself :]. Blah blah hope good day and such and hugs.


We had watermelon after your post the other day.
This was a 5 month project and was only completed because he did it himself while I was lying next to him on the couch. I was on cutting out duty (still not quite scissor competent), but the rest was all his.

Thats awsome. And he got to create :). Thats cool w the watermelon :). Your one of the super few that understands. Been rough last few days.