The Path to Self-Realization | WandererOnWheels Artwork 2

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What is up Steemers? 

Today evening, outta nowhere I just felt the need to do a painting. Without thinking much I searched for colors and drawing book and started painting. Fortunately, there was one page left in the drawing book and I considered myself very lucky!

Painting is a good way to relax, they say. It was kinda relaxing to play with colors and this is what I came up with:

I didn't decide what I would be painting when I started. I just went on playing with colors. Whatever came to my mind I projected it on this piece of paper. Now, you might be wondering wtf is this random shit! 

Lemme explain you a bit about it: 

Innermost part:

The innermost part represents Self-Realization of a person. To become Realized, one has to undergo a lot of tests and challenges that is thrown at him and pass them to progress into the next stage. 

Outermost Zone:

When we start off, we are in the outermost zone where you can see brown color zig-zag curves. These represent ego. The red arrow represents the intuition that guides us the direction that we need to take. 

Concentric Circles:

You can see that there are several concentric brown circles that turn red as you go inwards. These all are the ego barriers that stop you from progressing as a person. The more ego we have, the more monstrous we are. 

These may represent jealousy and other bad qualities that we may have. It depends from person to person. When one completely gets over all of is ego, he is sure to become enlightened. 

Red Cross Symbols:

You might've noticed red cross symbols on the outside. Those cross symbols say that if you don't follow the path of intuition, you will be destroyed. Getting destroyed doesn't mean death but various other things like depression, illness and other unhealthy stuff. 

Colors represent Chakras

Chakras are present in every human and they are represented by the colors VIBGYOR as seen in the below image. 


If you're interested in learning about Chakras, you can read more about it in the above link. 

Yellow/Orange Colors:

Inside the outermost circle, you may notice yellow and orange (looks brownish, I know) colors alternately. Those are Solar Plexus Chakra and Sacral Chakra. It is believed that most humans only reach upto Solar Plexus Chakra in their entire life. However, anybody can activate the Crown Chakra if he/she puts in some efforts. That's what's called as enlightenment. 

Green Colors:

After these Yellow and Orange colors, there's another Red circle of ego. When one crosses it, he activates Heart chakra. He feels unconditional love towards other beings. 

Blue Colors:

Then comes another red ego circle and after that comes Blue Chakra. Later indigo and Violet which are 6th and 7th Chakras respectively. I didn't paint those as I was short on colors and wasn't sure how to produce Indigo and Violet color from the 3 basic colors. Instead I have represented them by mixture of yellow/green/blue, YinYang, and Om. 

Third Eye:

You may also notice an eye in the drawing. It represents the third eye that sees it all. Everybody has it but they haven't opened it yet. When everybody opens their third eye, this world will become a better place. We will all become selfless pure beings living to help one another thrive and also heal our planet. That day is not far. 

We are blinded:

Now, some of you might think all this is bullshit. You can call it anything you want but the truth doesn't change. We are all blinded right now and aren't living at our full potential. In case you're wondering, no I'm not enlightened, yet! 

After painting this, I really felt the need to have more colors to be able to express myself better. I went ahead and invested in a new and bigger set of Poster Colors and a Drawing Pad. I will be posting more artworks like this. 

Hope you enjoyed my content!


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Nice work! You have a very unique way of making sense of what could be going on. As far as my own opinion goes, it doesn't mean much. We are all having our own experience.

However, through my own experiences I would say that the ego is a necessary thing we experience here as earth beings. Having ego doesn't make us monstrous but grounded. It is what holds space for us on this earth... although it can be quite confusing.

Keeping in tune with the meditative mind is really important... you are in tune with this when you are aware of the breath and really ONLY when you are aware of the breath. This is why yoga, pranayama, meditation, and other practices are so important.

If we don't practice ways to stay in touch with our meditative mind which is aka the intuitive mind then ego can take over... and then we are really just living in illusion. Ilusion is what we create based off of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is what creates the stories that are of ego and illusion. Practicing meditation and yoga clear this so we can live more presently and in reality as it truly is. Whatever that means.... ahahaha

Overall, I don't know anything... and the more I know the more I realize I really don't know anything. However, this is the truth I live in currently but it is always expanding based off of my experiences and practices with yoga and mediation.

This was such a great read, thanks for taking your time out to write it

First bro i like your painting.

I was thinking that you made by imagination but below I found this painting has own meaning.

You explain it well with chakra.

Ego is the only thing which kills any kind of man reputation plus wealth.

I didn't think about what I was doing and just let my the brush on the paper hahaha! You should try it out too.

First bro i like your painting.

Thanks bro!

Ego is the only thing which kills any kind of man reputation plus wealth.

True, ego ruins life. Unfortunately, we all have some and we're not aware of it.

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This is one person that everyone on Steemit should read.
Good job with the write-up.

Thanks, that means a lot bro! :D

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