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RE: New personal experience and feelings: to price my work, and to put it on sale.

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Good luck, Pascal :) I think you are brave, and I can certainly empathize with your feelings .... I hope you will gain a lot of success and that your artworks will find good homes :)

There are a few new ventures online that are trying to 'stamp' digital versions of artworks in limited editions that you might want to look at. They generate unique codes that are assigned to specific artworks and an artist can say that they are only releasing certain numbers of 'prints' from a certain website (that verify and do the legwork of this side of things).

I have yet to try them out myself, but I've bookmarked them to look at later, hahaha. Here they are, if you want to have a look:


Thank you ! :)
Thanks for the links :) I'll look at this. closer

Selling prints can be problematic in my country as an artist (administrative status and fiscality related stuff). I can't do it directly and must rely on a third party broadcaster, who would be the seller.

Well, I could do it myself and become my own broadcaster, by declaring myself under some commercial status. This seems more a burden than anything else, but I could be wrong on that very last point. I've not realy studied the question.

One more thing added to the to-do list :D

I've looked a bit deeper into superrare.
Submitted a piece, and let's see what will happen :)

Thanks @verypsider for that info :)

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