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Hey-yo, friendos o/

It's Friday today and boy, what a busy day for the end of the week @ __ @;;; I feel so tired and it's not even 4 PM yet XD

How's everyone's week been? Good? Bad? A bit of both? ............ meh?

It's been a while since #NewSteem took effect now, hasn't it? Any new reflections/ opinions that you'd want to share???

To be honest, I'm kinda feeling like it's been a great change :D I am learning how to feel OKAY about exercising my downvotes. I am learning that it is not 'mean' to have critical opinion about how things are done. In fact, if you really care about the future of something, if you really want to improve a thingy, you'd probably have critical feedback on that thingy. So, yeah. A spider is learning :)

As for my arting, I've been arting a lot :D But then, my phone died and for some reasons, my entire world stopped? Kinda weird how brain is like that XD;;;; Like, I feel like I couldn't really draw without taking photos of the step by step, and phone was ded so I couldn't draw...............AT ALL :screaming emoji:

But, today I got a new phone so I'm happy again wheeeeeeeeeeeee \o/

And here's a watercolour piece that I did :D A return to traditional arting after I have had to generate digital video contents for 3speak! Kinda feel really good to do a piece on real paper, to be honest :D :D :D

She's based off this older piece that I did with my tiny pencil, .... last year, I think? I had wanted to try to colour her with watercolour but obviously I had drawn that on a printing paper so I couldn't do it to that piece, so I kinda re-drew the same pose / idea on the watercolour pad and this was the result :)

I think ... I couldn't quite nail the vibes, but I feel like I have kinda abandoned my watercolours for a long time so, it felt a bit unfamiliar... :3 Things in life is like that sometimes, dont you think? how the brain loses its capability to do language fluently if you don't use the language often, and how you forget how to play a particular song on the piano if you havent done so in a while, etc. Like, there is no save game. We're always losing things even if we did acquire something perfectly at one point in time in our past. Sometimes thinking about things like this makes me feel anxious.... XD hahahah~

So, that's that for this post. Hope everyone's doing well... Imma try to do some work before it becomes beer o'clock for me XD Have a great weekend ahead, friends <3 <3 <3 !!!

PS. Still got like FOUR days to enter the @archdruid contest, people! The prizes are really delicious, too (look for more information below), so please consider entering :D :D :D!!!



From the #gaming side, @archdruid has launched the FINAL round for the themed contests: THE PRESENT!!!

As promised, the prize pool has been BOOSTED!!! It was usually 30 Steems per round, but I decided to put it up to 42 Steems for the FINALE, and then.... the amazing @geekgirl decided that she will personally put 42 Steems out of her own pockets to double the prizes, so I am very pleased to announce that...


Prizes' structure:

First Prize (x1): 26 STEEMs
Runner Ups (x2): 14 STEEMs for each winner
Honorable Mentions (x5): 6 STEEMs for each winner


I hope to see a lot of entries <3 Let's celebrate the CURRENT DECADE in #GAMING and make the FINAL ROUND a great BOSS BATTLE ?????!!!!!! \o/

(PS. a lot of people and curators are also paying attention to these contests, and there's always one, two, or a few entries that have been picked up by Curie or OCD curators in the past :D! Not guaranteeing anything, just pointing out a historical fact :D)

That's it for this post :D

Artists’ Highlights with C2

On another note, please check out this article that I wrote for the @c-squared’s Artists’ Highlights a few days ago :) Please check it out! I am featuring TWO artists at a time, and the tenth pair is: @longer and @znkd :D


Issue 1: @Arrr and @thilah
Issue 2: @EdgarUVM and @Zsolt.Vidak
Issue 3: @chrisdyer and @sanderjansenart
Issue 4: @elenasteem and @patschwork
Issue 5: @nyarlathotep and @carlgnash
Issue 6: @mikkolyytinen and @nekromarinist
Issue 7: @azbeen and @barbara-orenya
Issue 8: @rachelsvparry and @jankasparec
Issue 9: @armandosodano and @shibasaki
Issue 10: @longer and @znkd

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veryspider colorized


I was just thinking a few hours ago "a spider has not shared any watercolor since a good amount of time and... neither did I watercolory my watercolors". I kinda felt the need to watercolory, but work and allergies prevented me to fulfill my true desires... always like that. Cool to see your watercolory again. It feeds my need of watercolory. I like those subtly injected purples in the eyes. And the greens of the robe. Color-wise feel pretty harmonious 🎼🎶.

You should be sharing more of your coloring with water, as in water that colours and so we can both be watercolouring together~ The need for watercolouring must be obeyed!

But oh, work and allergies :( Such huge obstacles :( !!!!!!! They are BOSS LEVEL MONSTERS, for sure :(

I hope to see Zeen's watercolours, some day soon .... Hope you can defeat work and allergies for a little while, soon, Zeen <333333333

Oh dude the allergies hit me the hardest ever! After a few years of suffering them mildly... Boom! grabbed me by the arse. Y'know, I was thinking on commit to inktober but converge it with watercolories... But dunno. I've never tried to tame the inktober beast. I don't know if I can do it tbh.

Hi Spidey, they say that everything that we like to do at some stage and then forget, goes and gets stored in our sub conscious. Over time all of our "forgets" form the nucleus of our whole. It influences our thoughts and actions.
It is now 8.48am here, very far from "beer" hour hahaha

She looks great in watercolor and well done!

Yeah, i guess nothing is really lost, in truth, but there is a feeling of losing things too on our hyperconsciousness... our consciousness is very odd like that, i think?

aaah it's the morning for you! hahah... i hope you will have a good day ahead :D !

Thank you, as always <3 !!!

And may your day also end very satisfactory my dear friend.
The weekend is waiting and please spoil yourself a little bit.

Very beautiful, I love it. Too bad about your phone, it certainly stops the world at times :)

Thank you! Yep, losing phones is quite a catastrophe, it can feel ! XD;

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That's a neat piece again. To solve your drawing vs. painting dilemma, you might want to try these amazing German watercolor pencils:
They're not cheap but the results can be stunning! Watch Cassandra Hanley put them to work below. Have a wonderful weekend :)

Wow, those are some really great pencils!!! :D Thanks for sharing~

Hope they work for you :)

This is awesome

Thanks very much :> !

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Everything needs exercising :)

Congrats with a new phone and returning to the digital (and paiting) world! Based on that, I supposed the girl will look more happy, lol. Anyway, she looks like a light young summer... <3

Yep, everything needs exercising! That's right!

And thank you, yes, phone is so important! XD

Your comments are so nice * ___ * A light young summer, oh, how pretty !

Oh yes, your summer is on the way 😊☺🤗

May I ask u a question? Probably I missed smth. Is painting your hoppy or profession? You paint so good

Oh, just a hobby :) I work at an office every day, doing corporate stuff :)

Thank you so much! You are very kind * ___ *

Oh really? Do they know what a talanted person work for them?

Hahahah, noooo XD You are very sweet, though!

People in real don't even know that I draw, I think a lot of these corporate/big business people see drawing as a, frivolity? In a way? So I keep it to myself :)

Your words remind me of my all-times-question - should I keep my work mates on a distance (just work and that's all) or there's no bad in closer relations (like talk about family, hobbies etc). I know good and bad sides of both, and ... still can't decide for myself which one is right, or better.

Sorry to load you with my thought right on Monday :)

In fact, it is wonderful and very cool. What is your other hobbies?
I wish I have hobby like this because my main hobby is my work 🤔

I like reading books and playing video games XD

Zirochka likes to travel and do photography, right? What do you do for work? :O

Oh shame on me! Travels and photography, that's true and I almost fogot abiut them, lol. Maybe it it because I travel much less now, and think about selling out my photo equipment.... What will I write about here then? Hmm...
It is because of Monday, and one more cold working week ahead. I work in IT. Not I don't like it but feel like miss something ... different.

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I love her expression, the texture on the paper and the watercolor work is a goal ;__;
it makes me want to touch the piece. I like this piece. ❤ 😍

Thank you so much, @faffy <3 You are super kind omg * ____ *

You should totally do more watercolours! It is fun :D

Beautiful art @veryspider!

I love it.

Have a great weekend!

Thanks so much, futuba <33333333333333

Weekend was amazing * ___ * But I am already back at work again today :(

Ah well! Another day, another dollar :D !!!!

Your creation in watercolor recorded me a great friend named Sayde. It is surprising, I am very happy that you take up the watercolor, you are still giving it fantastic


thank you for kind words :)

It's friday, and moment to rest after a hassle week.

Hey friend, I miss the art collaboration contest you used to organize with @scrawly.

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Oh yeah, that was a good contest but scrawls no longer active now on Steemit :(

Thank you for visit, Max! :)

MY week has been mixed but I can't complain thats such a cool piece of art

Aaah, I hope the mixness will settle down soon for you into awesomeness, this week :)

And thank you!

thanks and you to have a good week

Beatiful! I very like this work!

Thanks very much, @sweettais :)

Love this artwork, my friend. I don't know why you got a downvote from that idio...person.

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Aaah that's ok, everyone has a right to say their opinions, and sometimes they use their downvotes :)

Thank you so much Jaundre <3 I am so sorry I haven't been able to comment as much as I used to, but after this break, I am hoping I can return to giving my friends the meaningful engagement like before <3

You know I love your works <3 Both art and writing <33333333333

Thank you for being so awesome.

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This is really great work. I love the course your development is on!

Hey, Edders! :D :D :D Thanks, man! <3333333

Hello veryspider. Well it is very good that you have felt good when painting on paper, it changes a lot and you have the touch of brushes and watercolor that tell you how to follow, although they are very capricious watercolors you think one thing and the result may be that they decide. Very good painting congratulations and I'm glad you decided to make it.

Thank you, Vicente :)

Yes, watercolours is very hard to control, but very fun to learn! :D

Love the water colour

Thank you very much :)

Your watercolor is very beautiful.
There's something magnetic...really good.

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Thank you! You are very kind :)

Or you could say it’s like riding a bicycle. I feel like we as artists often feel the need to apologize for something when in reality, we are part of the few who actually try to make the world a better place. Your latest digital creations inform this beautiful piece if you ask me!

Downvoting is really not my thing but I guess I have to consider it...

I was dead set against downvoting also, to be honest, so I can totally relate. But I think Steemit is a very particular ecosystem. We virtually ALL are drinking from a shared reward pool and some accounts (as always there's such people in real and everywhere) are taking more than their fair share with questionable tactics....

If none of us care enough for the ecosystem and reward these kinds of behaviour, soon enough the powerless will be even more powerless and the ones benefiting from abusive practice will only be encouraged to continue (and even this might encourage others to also adopt their selfish behaviours)... So, I think, ...... maybe Steemit is like a village? A community that relies on its members to have the courage to stand up and educate the misbehaving members of the village...?

Kind of.

Anyway, I'm still mulling about it, myself, hahahah... But that's where I am at the moment. I'm always opened for feedback and discussions, though, as I think there are many wiser people than myself around these parts and it is always good to keep an open mind about things :)

It's a different way to look at things and it'd good to feel empowered to make Steemit a better place. I have been hoping for more constructive criticisms around here so I am glad that the top witnesses are promoting critical thinking.

Still, I wonder if I'll make downvoting a habit...

Aaah I dont think I can make it a habit myself .... At least, not yet? IDK hahahah it still feels a bit bad when I do it, but I'm trying to give #NewSteem a proper and honest chance! I am tryinnnngggg~

Hello dear friend, nice to see you are going strong and full of inspiration. Looking goooooood @veryspider !

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Hello Alenia! Thank you <3 It's nice seeing you active again, as well :D

This medium is so expressive, but I haven’t really used the right words to describe it. It was also pleasing to see a follow up to a character you created. I’m not sure what inspires your original creations, but I insist you continue!

Thanks, @thatkidsblack :) I'm glad to hear your comments :)

I missed this one! As they say, use it or lose it, which really sucks because there are so many things to do and practice. despite the break from water colours this still looks great, love the details and flowy-ness in her outfit.

Thanks, Jer :D !!!

Yes, use it or lose it, that's right.... if only we have limitless time to be able to keep doing various things!!! aah~

It's really warming up in Melbourne now. I guess you'd not be... pleased? XD Still, warmer weather + cold beer = GREAT TRIUMPH FOR OUR LIVER BRIGADE~ ......... (great triumph or hard labour??? :thinking emoji:)

Great Triumph indeed! I actually had some birthday drinks last weekend, I think I drank enough beer to sustain an entire brigade.

Your art just looks so lovely to look at. I hope that youll enjoy your new phone. Have a great day!

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Thanks very much, @sgbonus! :D Yep, new phone is working perfectly * ___ *