Musings XIX

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To a dear friend who only listens halfheartedly. The best partner that you can find will try their best to understand your personality and accept you for who you are. Don’t settle for anything less.

It’s normal to fantasize about an ideal type but you can’t let that consume you. You’re daydreaming about the person that’s currently holding your affections, wishing for them to be different. You probably already know this but that’s actually really shitty. I’ve done it too, so don’t take it too personally. You’re subconsciously telling yourself that you’re not into this person. You might as well drop them and start over....or not. 

I dated frequently after my first long term relationship ended. I was drawn to the crazy unconventional types. I even drove myself mad but that happens to us all. You’re in a dark place, being pinned down by a guilty conscious which tells you that you’ve got no choices. Well, fuck that and wise up. 

Stop practicing old coping mechanisms that you know are failing you and please stop posting indirect statements on social media. What you need is to simply listen more (to yourself) and speak less. 

I’m going to ignore you now because I’m annoyed that I’ve wasted all my energy giving you advice that you’ve already chosen not to take. If you bring up this subject again then I’m going to quote my last statement which was to follow your intuition. There is a chance that you’ll fuck up but that’s much better than living in your fantasies, drowning in regret.

Love you.

Thanks for reading. 🦊

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@vermillionfox beautiful photography! Love the warm amber tones.

And yes, I hear you! " The best partner that you can find will try their best to understand your personality and accept you for who you are. Don’t settle for anything less." Hundred times yes! ^^

Thanks @m31! I wanted to capture the look of fall...since it’s now winter here. 😭

Ahh, so glad to hear that you understand. I wish others could.

excelente juego de luces, muy pasional el tema muy sensual, la composición es muy buena los encuadres muy buenas fotografías

Thanks for all the great feedback! It’s nice to know that others can appreciate my art and I’ll continue to work hard to create more photos like this. :)

Hope nobody is giving you too much trouble. -_- I know how that can be. Let me know if I am ever out of line on something.

The set was very visually appealing with variety in both shadowing and focal points. Giving the reader a nice eye stumulas while listening to wise advice.

Nah, I’m used to it and I will definitely let you know. The hardest thing to hear about is when a friend is struggling with something but refuses to see/ignores the answer. It’s okay to be upset and let yourself experience all those difficult emotions but then you have to wake up from the dream.

Glad you liked the set. I’ve been experimenting. :D I love writing for my musings but sometimes the readers don’t know that these are photos of me. I guess I don’t mind as long as they acknowledge that it’s all my work.

Nice warm photos, some of them tickled me maybe to draw :) And for topic don't take anything less than someone who accepts you with who you are, it's a long road, and as you said first step is for you to accept yourself, to talk to yourself a lot and learn first to love time spend with yourself. I think many of us, been there-done that are afraid of being ''alone'' and than rush from one relation to another, settling with everything and giving wrong looks to persons who are not what they are, just to not to be alone..But then one day that bubble bursts and it feels even worst..I agree with you, don't settle with anything less..and don't forget, we aren't perfect and that's our beauty :)

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exclint artman. i like your post

Thank you.

these are just gorgeous!!

Aww, thanks! You’re too kind!

Very beautyful photos @vermillionfox

Happy to hear that you liked them @anonimous!

usually it is something recurrent in me, sometimes I idealize people, and in the end they are not what I hope they are, which is not their fault but rather one for not giving the time to know the person, before of a relationship.
Those photos are beautiful, your face is of a particular beauty that goes back to the past, have a beautiful day.

I think it’s human nature to see the best in others and to have high expectations at the start of any relationship. Thank you so much for the compliments!