Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #83 'Blue or Leaf'

in art •  last year

The name of this art photograph is: 'Blue or Leaf'

I found this wonderful colour combination by a pure chance while walking the street a few days back. There is not much to say because this one very much speaks for itself. But, allow me to try... :)

The leaf tells the story if you can read it carefully. It is a treasury of warm colours nicely levelled with very few green. Such an exquisite balance can only be done by the Mother. The background, consisting of large areas, is divided into three main parts and the lines dividing them are more or less perpendicular to the lines of the leaf. Also, the leaf is curved and tender, while the background lines tend to be straight but not very sharp (except the top right one) what makes them somewhat tender as well.

We have no doubt that the blue background is man-made and it serves an awesome contrast to the work of nature, and not only in opposite colour spectrum. And then we have the greyish area made of small points opening the space and working well with the big dark blue one.

Notice the light and shadows in the middle blue area. The shadow of the leaf and its reflection from the dark blue are the elements giving it a spacial dimension.

Enjoy! :)

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I am steemit new-bie. Yout post is very intersting

Thank you for your original work in photography.
Thanks for your advise to weed out dishonest authors.


Thank you for your time :)

I love impromptu photography. The best of pictures comes from unplanned, uncontrolled scenes. Nice photograph velimir. I will follow you to get something this natural!


I tend to agree :) Thank you!


You are welcome. Another thing, keep up the good work on Content Originality. Thanks.

Beautiful photography. It shows we can find beauty everywhere even if we just go for a walk. Many people may haven't noticed this leaf, but the people that did, could appreciate the nice contrast. Keep up the good work!

Wow how very charming @velimir thank you for those shades of blue! Always a favourite of mine. Upvoted

someone said that Fine art photography is photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist as photographer.


true that!

Wow, this is amazing photoart, you're talented!
I'm also interested in photography!
Upvoted and follow you! :)


Thank you very much, I welcome your interest. :)

Work at the level.
Continue to shine

Nice picture. Outstanding

Fantastic thanks for the share ! 😀

@velimir, Your contributions to our common cause have enabled me to help you with this up-vote! I very well remember that you started feeding me 13 days ago. Together, we both become stronger every day.

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It is very interesting. When we see beautiful places and thinks then we feel comfortable. Thanx for sharing…

I like photography.

Upvoted. I'm going to resteem this now :]

Great post your content is fab thanks for sharing I’m going to follow your useful blogs love KIRSTY xx 💞


Thank you for your nice comment!

You are rocking those votes these days with those smashing leaves 🍁

Great blog you have full of incredible photos. I too am into photography. I travel around the world and enjoy capturing people doing what is normal everyday life for them, but would be strange for us in the west. You commented on my comments to @gavvet and thought I'd stop by your page. You are doing really well here. I'm impressed. You gained another follow! Looking forward to more great posts. -Dan

loved the contrasting colours here

nice picture my friend

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Beautiful, I love it! If I shot the photo of "Blue or Leaf", I would name it "Fire on Water". Those vibrant and lovely colors you captured are mesmerizing also the blue depicts the vibrancy of fresh blue water and the leaf reflects the shades of fire. :)

Wonderful. Great work

Well done
Another beautiful piece! I don't have any names that pop in my head yet. Love the colors too. When I look at it I feel that all my senses are affected. Smell, sight, sensations, sound... You have captured the essence of witnessing this awe inspiring place.
How are you?, @velimir! • Aren't you the tiger on the Frosted Flakes box? Because you look "Grrrreat!"am following you. And Here is my little upvote
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Enjoyed your sense of detail and great observance as well as the photo with perfect contrast of colors and warmth, also love the diagonal composition.