Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #285 'Perfection'

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Since the ancient times, probably even earlier, a sphere has been a symbol of perfection. There isn't an object closer to perfection in nature or geometry. That said, here we have a completely scribbled sphere, downgraded as much as possible. However, it is only on the surface. Nothing can diminish its perfect shape. When I think about it, I see a person who remains steadfast and strong inside, regardless of all the circumstances and adversities of life. A perfect human, a state of mind that most of us will never reach. But, we are all free to try, of course!

Colour combination of orange and yellow with predominantly dark lines works quite well in conveying the message. A warm object covered in dark wounds, bruises, cuts, whatever we want to call them. A symbol of unbent resolution which doesn't change in spite of the hardships. When I look at something like this and wrap my thoughts around it, I often wonder how many people like this I've met.

Much more down-to-earth point of view on this would be: Why can't someone from the city take a brush and clean that thing? It is such a shame for a city to have a monument raped like this. It seriously hurts my eyes to see it like this.

Funny how a simple thing can be observed from more than one perspective? :D

Enjoy! :)

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The sphere is the perfect form. From ancient times it has attracted the attention of philologists and thinkers. In Greece there was an idea of ​​the spherical, harel form to which the stars are attached. By the way the ancient Greek scholars had a notion of the spherical form of the earth. It was at a time when the whole world believed that the earth was flat.

I liked your concept of a spherical man. This can be imagined as a person who, under any circumstances of life, remains the same. It may look bad or it will have "scars" but its shape does not change. That is, he is who he is and despite the pressure from outside he will be the same. This is the opposite of people who "break" under the weight of social pressure.

The photo is worthy of attention both from the philosophical point of view and from the cultural one. I hope this monument will lead to its original form :)

Thank you

I think this happens because humans do not care about the environment, or better known individualism in which Individualism is a philosophy that has a moral, political or social view that emphasizes freedom and responsibility.

An indvidualist will launch personal achievement and will.

They communicate from the public, the State and any agency or group of their personal choice. Therefore, individualism toward everything that is used is something more important than a person.

Opinion include holism, collectivism and statism, among others. This philosophy is also unpleasant with any moral standards applied to a person because the rules have been fixed by someone. In short, the attitude of individualism means an attitude that does not want selfishness.

really you showing very perfect art.. i respect your thought.. I liked your concept of a spherical man. This can be imagined as a person who, under any circumstances of life, remains the same. It may look bad or it will have "scars" but its shape does not change. That is, he is who he is and despite the pressure from outside he will be the same. This is the opposite of people who "break" under the weight of social pressure.The photo is worthy of attention both from the philosophical point of view and from the cultural one. I hope this monument will lead to its original form.. thanks to sharing for your good post..very well done...my dear friend.. @velimir

Hey man, I really like some of your pictures and depth of writing behind them. I'm not much a photographer but more the digital art kind of thing. I wanted to propose something to you. If you send me a picture / photo of something that means a lot to you, I will happily do a person slides art piece of the photo you give to me. If you like it all I ask is if you can do a little post about it and check out my open mic week 82 "lost @ c#" entry that would be awesome.

What a rage to see that this happens there as in my country, are misguided people who damage the cultural patrimony, and although it is just a picture very well captured, I also hope to clean and stay as it was since it is something very bad appearance, in short, greetings.


Certainly kid since it is something of a heritage where they should not violate it in this way since it looks dirty and looks bad to the place where it is, a way to clean it is with alcohol as it purifies it and do not do it again leaving a sign of not doing it, greetings and ermosa photography although I infdigna see this type of people as they damage things.

Zagrebacko Sunce. Kul. Nadam se da si potpisao Adsactly na njega. haha

So really amazing art i don't see this type art in my work life . You are good man and good workar .

Your post is always different i follow your blog and upvote everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @velimir

Follow my blog @powerupme

Much more than to earth question is where the hell do you capture all this pictures from? 😂😂😂

They always look good


:D thank you

That image above shows how beautiful earth is but does signature stands for how crazy the world as become. It always a free world with freedom of speech, but freedom after speech is not guarantee. Really wondering Were you go that image from.

Good photo

que hermoso siempre me ha gustado tomar fotografias

It's a human nature to put their mark on a historical monuments

Very begging of the world people was used deffrent sign to express their language and day by day started to use some words then finally we get more then eight thousand languages in the world. At present time we also using deffrent symbol in our daily include art.

This is awesome..

Perfection is what a sphere is not short of. Despite the fact that it is not a circle, still it embodies perfection.

Thanks for bringing this to us @velimir.

I wonder how you do find these interesting ideas for your post sir @velimir either way keep it up

amazing :O

Beautiful way of thinking, we can all learn from your vision, and become a more positive open minded and thinking out of the box type society

Wow incredible work of art, I always believe that an imaginitive mind are those that are creative too.

typical humans to leave their mark where it shouldnt be , i agree it a shame to deface a monument , may you can take the initiative and help them clean it , change always start with one persone and the rest will follow

I see it as the earth raging from all the dirt its faces due to humans, and its not long away that the earth will take its revenge (perspectives)

You are more than a conqueror
I will like to emulate you one day in steemit

It is always a pleasure reading you. Especially your analysis which is so apt.

Fabulous one.....

in my opinion it is a work of art that is very unusual that can not be erased even in clean, maybe intu symbol has its own meaning.

Hola amigo
Estupenda obra de arte.
Me dio algo de nostalgia ver a un simil de nuestro planeta donde solo quedan recuerdos y huellas de nosotros los humanos. Espero que nuestros descendientes no tengan el desagradable momento de vivirlo.
Mucho para reflexionar.

Pleasant analogy I share the idea that in the simplest we can find depth and when we see something, each one forms a different idea or criterion. Good post. Greetings.

Wow, it's beautiful indeed. and your words, very motivating. beautiful reflection. great post, I love it. Thank you for sharing so much beauty, friend.

It is a beautiful work, it also makes us think.

Great photo and illustration


I am Pricasso most wonderful artist and you have inspired me, so in your honor and dedicated to you this masterpiece...


Your blog here in your honor https://steemit.com/entertainment/@pricasso/my-ode-to-velimir

Yours Always

Hello! that interesting takes, and interesting interpretation of that geometric shape. I also agree that this beautiful figure, all slender in this urban area, should be showing off the material in which it was made.
I would love you to look at my photos and give me your opinion about it, I am a beginner....





Very nice @velimir ...Blessings

So beautiful and amazing art. Very appreciate your work.

Wow :o Nicee :)

This is awesome......you're always doing great

I have your vote, the funds how? @zuhrafriska

This one is the Sun, and there is the entire solar system in Zagreb that is in scale with the real one. I always wanted to visit all of the planets and little statues but have seen only the Sun and the Venus that is on the main square.

I love the thought behind this. Brilliant piece of work