Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #244 'Sadness'

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I usually don't dwell on sad themes but sometimes a flare of seriousness comes over me. Just like it does for everyone from time to time. We are all human and nothing is foreign enough to not concern us one way or another. Sadness prevails over this photograph. Like two old people, entangled in everything life has put them through. The windows are still standing but do not look happy, anymore. The dead ivy, all over the wall, enhances the drama and brings out a notion that there is no way out. It is also slightly covering the windows, accentuating the very idea.

Strong, dramatic, linear aspect portrays the uneasy feeling. The windows' rectangular shapes and their Bordeaux colour strongly separate them from the surrounding. Even though the wall is painted in light vanilla it is not even close enough to remove the sadness. I deliberately didn't straighten the wall's colour to white, what would bring more impact because I prefer the colour scheme this way. If the wall was white, it would be more a tragedy than sadness, for me.

A particularly interesting detail is the whitened ivy between them. This is the main reason why this photograph has found its place in my collection. Even if all the darkness is around, there is still this powerful force between them, bleaching out the darkness as much as it can. I didn't bleach it in post-production.

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I have always said that your way of portraying and presenting thing is very unique.
Now if we look at this picture, first of all, that room has two windows. At firt it was closed but then somehow windows were provided which gave it some freedom but suddenly when windows were opened, they were covered by wires and those branches of trees. It is same like our lives.

@velimir is so artistic. I thought they were closed windows. This is breath taking. Very powerful photography. Thanks for sharing :)

I do agree your idea.I was trying to coment but while I was reading some coments ihas negativeness. we really have the same Idea.

Elegant picture, I want to get it in high resolution. If you do not mind, send it to me in the discord :)

I 100 percent agree with you. For everyone, even the funniest person sooner or later "come" sad thoughts. This is normal.

I do not know why, but I think that it's more like lovers who have lost everything. I think that everyone (or many, but not all) had relationships that left wounds in their souls. This is a relationship that initially looked promising like these windows. They should have been something special. But time and circumstance put corrections in it. That is, what at first looks very special in the end becomes overgrown with "prickly ivy".

Maybe I'm wrong about the relationship of lovers. But I judge by what I know. That is, I believe that everyone sooner or later faces this phenomenon. However much we like. Today it is difficult for me to "correctly" express my thoughts, so I'll just thank you for such a good photo.

Well, sadness is a very important part of our life, our life is somewhat incomplete without it.
I don't know whether it is true or not, but I have heard someone saying our life is a combination of sadness and happiness, but sadness is more than the happiness :)

Sadness? Maybe... Yes, actually... It looks like a barbed wire so it does take me to that place of imprisonment of sad feelings, but what we see often has more to do with the one who is doing the seeing than it does with the thing that is being seen. Well... just my philosophical two cents for you there :) Hope you see some happy things again soon. Contrast is amazing and should be appreciated more. By seeing or feeling sad things we love those happy ones even more. 💚

Wow, super photo!

right .. I agree with you. your semiotics review in interpreting photos is very strong. So is the moment you shoot when you see the object. Feelings of sadness suddenly appear in your heart.

I saw something dark, with two windows closed. feelings of abandonment. Coupled with the plants that wrapped around the walls and made the windows become obsolete.

Citing Roland barthes theory in interpreting the photos, "In" punctum "that explains why someone constantly looking at or remembering a photo You are great executing it. greetings

Of all your reviews @velimir, I think this is the one I liked the most. However, as often happens, I always see something slightly different, in this case, it is quite different.

Maybe it's because of my usual taste for terror, but suddenly I saw a terrifying face. Can you see it?

If you take the two main stems that are at the top of the picture, you can see that eyes are formed, with elongated eyelashes.

The stem below draws lower lips that help make the windows look like teeth by sneaking a maleficent smile.

Maybe my interpretation is a bit crazy, but that's what I like most about your photos: you can always see something else.

Thanks for sharing.

Hola @velimir
El abuelo en la ventana izquierda y la abuela en la derecha; sin abrir la ventana para que la hiedra no los abraze y los llevé a un lugar donde las penumbras dicen ser mayores aunque eso lo podemos dudar. El color vainilla parece arena del Sahara y las ventanas parecen alcantarillas por donde podríamos llegar a lo desconocido.
Bueno, no consumo cosas prohibidas (jajajajajja); pero de verdad veo en la fotografía un suelo desértico sobre el que se esparce una planta xérofila bajo un sol inclemente y una escapatoria que no sé donde me llevará.
Saludos y hasta luego.

Is that an abandoned house? Looks quite intriguing as well as mysterious. Setting fit for a horror short. Me likey.

Hi @velimir, I want to show you some "poor" photos, which I took on a trip. There are some motorcyclists who were also traveling in the same area.


I use the term poor for the quality of the photos, do not think bad, ok?


These photos I took returning from a trip to the Capanaparo River, that's an hour and a half from San Fernando de Apure. There a river beach is formed called "la macanilla". In the holidays it is visited by many tourists, including "moteros", as well as you.

really very good photography. i appreciate your photography. The roots of the tree just covered in this picture.this is a sadness picture. i am not seeing this picture when my whole life. sadness is a one of the part of human life.life full incomplete without sadness. life is a combination of sadness and happiness, but sadness is more than the happiness.just excellent photography..thanks to sharing of your post...@velimir

Well sadness is the only feeling that sustains life.......... The dont know what to reallty comment about your post as this post is very different.....

But the photo of how the roots tangled the window makes feel like strangled and untouched...

Beautiful story. Whenever I see dilapidated buildings and the like, I consider its glory days. The builder painstakingly laying bricks, hammering nails, creating detail. I think of what has occurred under that roof, all the life and history. It brings such richness to the sadness of seeing the neglected material and housing.

Windows are supposed to remind you of freedom, but these are captured and chained in another beauty 👏👏👏👏 great shot

I see ghostly figures all around the window wanting to get inside the windows but trapped outside.
I feel trapped sometimes and feel like your image portraying so clearly.

Hi I am robot

me gusta, aunque no me parece triste, me parece mas bien parte del entramado de la vida, linda imagen, precisa y sintética

It's eerie looking.

High level of creativity. So artistic yet filled with sorrow. Someone who merely looks the picture may just think they closed windows. Great post though! Thanks for sharing :)

Good afternoon, I liked the post but I especially liked the pictures. I see that you have notion in photography and I would like to what analyze my photo https://steemit.com/photography/@proelite/una-simple-fotografia I hope you take into account my humble comment a greeting from Venezuela


Why you choise sadness theme?

one word for this image is perfect

Am just dumb founded i don't know hat to say concerning th's photograph,sadness is not enough to describe what i see int it..the barb wire here is a sign of imprisonment..the sadness is too much..nice write up

This Picture so coolreceived_1690572727837976.jpeg
thanks for share it

perfect image sir,,thanks for sharing

For me it is sad because it is old and care is not found in the subject. But, the photograph is absolutely amazing.

@velimir The image is awesome The roots of the tree just covered in this picture. I never see like this in my whole life.

giphy (2).gif

The plant reminds me of barbed wire. This is a very dramatic and expressive photo...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nice picture velimir, It makes me think that we need to see each step of our paths, not as a trail to follow, but as a way to live.

Very beautiful, do you know the name of the plant?