Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #153 'Cold evenings'

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The name of this art photograph is: 'Cold evenings'

Today we have almost a documentary photograph but not so entirely. This is one of the ways people in my city like to spend their winter evenings. A seasonal skate ring was build in the centre of the city. It is surrounded by small stands where one can have a refreshment and relax. Mulled wine is very popular in winter. Don't know if you like it but it does warm one up during the cold evenings.

I love the very saturated blue dominating the bottom two thirds. It is complemented with a smaller area of warm colours in the top third. I also find very interesting those three areas of blue amidst the warm colours and the bright areas in the blue. The most interesting element is a girl in the bottom right corner whose shadow appears like as if she is holding hands with the guy. But, what I love the most about it is all those happy people enjoying their time in cold weather. This photograph is a testament to that.

Let me use this opportunity and tell you what happened to me today. My friend @greenrun told me how cold it is in the "coldest part of Nigeria" called Plateau State, right now. That made me interested because I thought that part of Africa is always warm. He explained that 25C (77F) is really cold for them. I almost fell off my chair with laughter. I told him that I was considering myself really lucky with the warm weather when riding my motorcycle at 5C (41F), yesterday. He probably considered me mad but was too kind to point it out. :D

Then he told me of his brother visiting Florida in March and walking around dressed up in a warm winter jacket. He couldn't understand 'girls wearing skimpy things and looking cool in such adverse weather conditions'. (Avg temperature in Florida in March is 20C (71F) :D ) Apparently, he took a walk, what made him feel even colder. I was like... Haa? We are already wearing shorts when temperatures reach 22C (72F) in Croatia. I think people in Finland wear their shorts at 12C or 15C already. :)

Apparently, his brother cut his vacation two weeks shorter because of the cold weather in Florida. That made me fall out of my chair. :D A little true story from both of us on Christmas Eve.

Enjoy the cold weather just as you enjoy the warm, every season is a gift!

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Oh. Cool. Thanks for your sharing.

Hello. It is a cool photo. Thanks for your sharing.

Beautiful ice rink. In Moscow, at VDNH there is a similar.

Cool. I really like it :)

Every season is a gift indeed. Happy holidays :-)

very nice pic!

Is this Zagreb? I miss those days while I was living there, especially during Christmas holidays and advent. Drink some mulled wine for me :)

Cheers from Lisbon!

Hey buddy, yes it is. :)

cold blue

An excellent occasion to spend time, this is an active type of recreation that everyone should like. I like the transition between the dominant blue from below and the warm, bright color from above. It's always nice to watch people do not waste their time, but they enjoy it.
I also think it's funny that 25C is cold) we have -18C on the thermometer today, and this is not the limit, it will be even colder, let him come to us, find out what is cold)
Thank you for the photo and the ability to think outside the box at her :)

you are very welcome! :)

5 °C or 41 °F in Nigeria would be considered total freezing to death! Lol. I doubt we have ever crossed 15°C in Nigeria before; at that temperature, everybody would be on their winter jacket! If we did, then it was before my lifetime :)

HAHAHA... I probably wouldn't dream of visiting in the summer :D

Lol. 15°C. Things would happen!

Cold and blue and xmas? I'll have a Blue Christmas Without You ???

hahahah can go that way, too :D

Am I the only one or others can see too that someone is on the ice sitting on a chair or something...

no, you're correct :)

hahaha..! thats really funny.... now i'm thinking about their summer season...

All Ice and ice...the lights on the top resembles of file...so it can be termed as Fire & Ice!!. May be i am wrong, but it isjust my way of seeing thing....

it is absolutely correct! :)

Great photo! The contrast of color looks attractive. A funny story. In winter, the temperature reaches -35 ° C and above, at very high humidity it's very cold, you're not wearing shorts :) I like your publications, continue to please us with your art. I want to make you beautiful and give you a beautiful "heart of ice."

Why my comment is highlighted in green?

This photo kind of has a subtle 80s feel. Splendid! Did you do some skating after taking the photo? :-)

Indeed an awesome photo, full of joy depiction...The shadow in bottom indeed creates a beautiful illusion as if both persons are holding each other..
As far as temperatures are concerned, here in our part of the world temperature is right now around 10 C , I am wearing my lamb wool sweaters but still shivering.
I bet if you come to my city in May, you will get toasted( Temperatures in summer are usually around 45-55 C), then I would be the one laughing and watching you sweat.LOL
Cheers to winter my friends!

"Then he told me of his brother visiting Florida in March and walking around dressed up in a warm winter jacket. He couldn't understand 'girls wearing skimpy things and looking cool in such adverse weather conditions'. (Avg temperature in Florida in March is 20C (71F) :D ) Apparently, he took a walk, what made him feel even colder. I was like... Haa? We are already wearing shorts when temperatures reach 22C (72F) in Croatia. I think Finns wear shorts at 12C or 15C already. :)"

I´m from Venezuela, in my city, 20 °C is really cold, and rare... just around 15 o 20 nights at year.

Some years ago I visit a counsin in Geneva, Switzerland at Autumn. The tempeture was around 14-16°C and i had to use, t-shirt, shirt, jacket and sometimes gloves and scarf. Well, I still remember the shock and astonishment I felt when I saw people swimming in the lake, at that temperature, leaving the water calm and walking around, wet. I was peeing myself jajajaja

By the way, the Geneva Lake is beautiful, maybe someday you can photograph it.

hahaha :) you guys from the south...

Not exactly from the south... From the tropic :) At south it´s cold too, but in July xD

I do not know if it's intended - but the picture and the story convey the same message in my mind/ in the story - your friend sees your weather as super cold and uncomfortable and his brother, even when experiencing this weather so we would maybe assume he will see it's not so bad - goes the same way. but in your eyes - this weather is pretty great!
now - in your interpretation to the photo you write "Don't know if you like it but it does warm one up during the cold evenings" and " what I love the most about it is all those happy people enjoying their time in cold weather" - this coveys the same thing in my eyes, to you it's a lovely scene and the weather isn't bothering you at all. but you are aware that other people might see it like a cold and miserable situation.
the photo expresses just that - in one picture - you can focus on the cool blue center, or on the warm and welcoming edges.
It's like many situations in life - one place can be heaven to one and hell to another.

true that! :)

Merry Christmas bro, beautiful work as always! :)

Fantastic Photo, the clarity is amazing! Very nice post here, Thanks.

#cool photography #liked it

Prelepa Bozicna atmosfera! Srecan Bozic ;)

it looks lovely.. wish we had lower temperatures here for snow and ice.. we dont have skate ring here, but few bigger lakes. its quite alarming when I realise ten years ago there were cold winters with big amounts of snow so we could build an igloo.. now we have 7 °C Christmas..
hope in january temperature will fall...

AWESOME IMAGE! I love the blue! Very cool! Thank you for sharing! Wishing everyone the very best of health and happiness! Blessed 2018 my Friends! :)

I totally agree with you that every session has a beauty itself.. and when I looked at this picture I remembered my experience with skate. It was my first time to do it and I fell down in the middle of board :)

Your city's winter evenings are not an exception, but during the soothing winter evenings, thank you so much for the beautiful photography.

This is the greatest photographic post I have ever seen. The reflection of the red and blue lights are awesome. The entire sketting atmosphere is a site to be hold. You get my upvote.

Wow this is so awesome this winter season most be very interesting, cooked wine in winter I love it.

I like the contrast between the blue ice and yellow lights in the background. Thanks for sharing another magnificent photo!


I believe that part of Nigeria you are talking can get down to the mid-50's at night with chilly winds. The days are in the mid-70's.

Great peace of art i m enjoying your post

very beautiful photographer love you dear

Skating is great)

just awesome photography

Thnx for sharing this phoyography

Scintillating photography there... Lovely

Dude! Awesome content. Would love to experience skiing there! I’m living in a tropical country so skiing outdoors is impossible. lol

Steady friend @velimir
Your post is very interesting and very useful ..
Good luck to all of us.

dont forget follow me @andhika12


Merry Christmas, my friend and the best to you and yours this season, keep up the great work and support you have shown in steemit.

Can you Upvote my last post on my blog please , i need some support thank you :)


Photo is awesome. Florida is awesome place to celebrate , you are at right place. Enjoy with girls wearing skimpy dresses.

Looks amazing bro 👌👍 so please visit my blog 👉 and I like it post 👏

Nice pic @velimir. Nice blends of colors with soft edges, you have a nice transition in the socket, everything else falls together :) You can also add an extra colour to help you blend two shades together, a colour wheel really helps visualize this.

Real art. Loved it. Can you please have a look at my work as well. Look at my profile once. You may like. Here is my portfolio as well Hi, I am an Interior Photographer and filmmaker. Looking for freelance projects. I shot more than 500 properties in last one year. Check out my site! Come visit and tell me what you think. https://abhishektyagi19925.wixsite.com/abhishektyagi19925

Nice shot! Love your pics. Maybe you can look at my blog. Trying to make some nice photos too

Beautiful photos I love it . Great job dear.
Thanks for sharing .


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5 °C or 41 °F as a temperature is unheard of in Nigeria. I think the coldest it had ever got is 15° C. At that 15 °C everyone is on winter jacket :) Some cars even turn on their heater to minimise the freezing cold. Lol


Please follow me my friend

cool. i love photography tooooooo.

beautiful time to enjoy that lovely photo with those colors of ice blue and people skating. thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays.

is 25 celcius sounds cold! i know someone, even if they have 37.5C body temperature they are cold as a star fish. :)

you always mAke it very good post

cool shot i like the in the picture fore ground it draws attention. nice shot photographer

Excelente felicitaciones muy bonito

Wow nice photography

I am ahmed


Thats a great post.
keep it up

Thank you @velimir

It would be my happiest day to experience winter season... Hopefully I could travel the cold countries of the world.

Wonderful photography

I love winter skating! Nice photo, thank you for sharing!

Nice ,relly very good post ..

wanna start a series of posts for art lovers, i wanna know wah u think, heres d link https://steemit.com/art/@topdollar001/utjb-series-daughter-of-the-universe

woo what an amazing friend, congratulations, I loved your work, I hope you can go through my channel, I would like to be like you .. I hope you like it


Exquisite photography, thanks for sharing

Nice photography

Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang DangDang Dang Dang Dang Dang DangDang Dang DangDang Dang Dang!!!!!!!!!!!!

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