Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #110 'Underground'

in art •  last year

The name of this art photograph is: 'Underground'

What intrigued me the most was, before I took this photograph, was the freshly dug soil around the lid. If it was surrounded by concrete, I'd never take this picture. The low sun reflecting from the lid made the high contrast against the dark soil. It caught my attention and got me thinking about what could possibly be underneath. Since I eliminated all surroundings from the frame, all we have left is our imagination. So, where does it lead to? More than that, what's all that earth for?

The already mentioned low sun creates a wonderful circle of rays shining down as if pointing toward the lid. The only colour in this image, aside from some bluish tones, is the ray circle's colour matching the lid. There is a very nice low key definition in the dark areas.

It makes me curious what could be in there? If I let my imagination run wild, many stories could spring up from that place. :D

Maybe a screenplay for a horror movie?

Enjoy! :)

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It's where the darkness lives!! :0)


hahaha the fear, laziness and ignorance are there, lurking from the shadows!

AS far as this is a metale plate and dust on it,but what i see is The arena Cell made to fight againt Goku and the others in Dragon ball Z


hahahaha right on!


Little light in the dark

There is no denying that there is evil in this world but the light will always conquer the darkness.

Be rich!


Bountiful post will dony

You have a nice Gallery of pictures, Sir!


Thank you!

Great post my friend well done

i like it so much !
Please follow me & i'll follow you back !

This is beautiful. At first i wasn’t sure what i was looking at! It looked very big and i couldn’t figure out what it was.. now i see what my eyes didn’t at first and i get to be in discovery and imagination as to what’s underneath. Thank you!

Wow super!

good one.. makes the imagination run looking at this photo

Nyc Post!! I like your Posts!!

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Nice post.

I like this style :)

wow Nice 💕


Thank you for sharing, I follow you with pleasure

Velimir, nice photo! Looks like forest polygon :)

great post sir