Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #100 'A view to the past'

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The name of this art photograph is: 'A view to the past'

What if, somehow, we could take a look in a distant past, the one we've never witnessed? This is a thought I find very intriguing. Some people say everything is written somewhere, as if on a gigantic hard drive made of energy, and there are ways to retrieve the past events in some form of meditation. They say if you close your eyes and relax while you thought is concentrated the images will start to appear as if happening in front of you. Lucid dreaming, astral travels, visions of revelation, there are many names for this discipline of the mind.

This image is my attempt to create a visual interpretation that would portray this. In the photograph, the vision is just starting to appear but we cannot clearly see what is going on. Not yet. As if we are on a border where the image forms or chooses to slide away. The question is: what happens next? The answer is not given because I prefer leaving the observer lingering on the image and drag him/her deeper into the vision.

The unfocused lens creates this dreamy, unreal look. I chose the pink and purple tones in combination with orange to completely remove the image from reality. There are maybe waterfalls, something resembling a table, a wave in the lower third coming from who knows where. All these elements work in synergy to help me achieve the surreal impression I wanted.

Can you stop starring into this? Hard, isn't it? :D

Enjoy! :)

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It really does draw you in! I find it mesmerizing, and I love your description - that you are trying to depict the notion that everything is written somewhere, as if on a giant hard drive of energy. That is somehow both surreal and yet something we can all connect with.

A bit distressed, but brilliant photo

Wow this is a master piece, i resteemed and followed #ProFehNomTheEp

Very interesting photo. I think you did a great job portraying the ‘psychedelic’ feeling!

I see what you mean. It gives leaves you with an in between worlds feeling. Very effective.

Great photo 😎

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Really good post keep it up

That has a lot of depth and the 'wave' in the foreground really draws the eye in. Very cool.

I will say it is a combination of art and science

It is awesome! Nice picture. Thank you for sharing!
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Very difficult to understand!How you made it.
But it is really outstanding!

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wonderful pic velimir sir again :P

I've seen psychic impressions visually represented in a similar fashion. Great thoughts.

wonderful art and lovely photography

Everytime u create something which is surreal..Close to Philosophy, Divinity and Science. Some theory are unexplainable and lousy like dreams. But they create more curiousity than any real things. Thatz what exactly made me to fall in love with the movies like INCEPTION, MEMENTO, PRESTIGE, INTERSTELLAR, 6TH SENSE, FIGHT CLUB THE OTHERS, PRIMER, PREDESTINATION etc etc....Don't know the exact reason but I felt the same tickling sensation here with ur artistic creation. Keep creating more..As a fan of u am more eager of the underlying philosophies in ur posts(like that of pigeon philosophy in ur earlier one) :) :) :)

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