Ornamental Wood Carving In The Aceh Tradition

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The traditional house of Rumoh Aceh belonged to the Mukim Gampong Aree district authority (level of regent) in the Dutch colonial era. The wooden carvings show the noble house, and in terms of trent ornament it can also be ascertained coming of the 19th century. Gampong Aree, is the territory within Pidie Regency, Aceh, today.

According to the confession of the heir, the house was built by her grandfather approximately 1880. It seems, it is the right year, given the back of the house looks building of European-style concrete, probably influenced by the Dutch culture that has settled in Aceh as its colony.

Here I just want to highlight the piece of ornamental wood carving in the Aceh tradition

Art of Woodcarving


@ahmadzaki climbed the stairs

The inside of the house

European-style concrete buildings

Home View

Heir home (right side) and her son.

Photos taken with Canon EOS 6D


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good post



I really like those designs that are carved into the wood. Do you know any of the history behind their origins or if they have any symbolic meaning?

Thanks for sharing this amazing architecture.


an art recorded from a bygone era in Aceh, and it was not continued by the Aceh people today

Good photo




You're welcome

nice photos thanks



Nice post.

best picture. thaks banget senior

When I see your photo @vannour I have to hold the ear. the sounds of the chisel blow that the artisans beat hardly were noisy. but at last I thought they were great artists of his time.

Tulisan yang membagikan sebuah kebudayaan yang hebat!

nice post @vannour. upvoted

sangat indah...
sekarang sudah sangat susah kita jumpai rumah aceh @vannour
kalau pun ada sudah banyak yang rusak, nenek saya juga punya rumah aceh tapi kondisinya sudah memprihatinkan, sudah hampir roboh