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I have mentioned that I paint. Mainly for relaxation purposes. Art therapy was suggested by my therapist as a way to work on being mindful. To get out of my head and into the moment. To clear my thoughts. I don't have a specific genre. I have painted dream catchers, abstract, just finding my way.for the most part. I've posted some of the colorings I have done in the past.

I decided to try to work on entering @magiccleatus' Zen Coloring Contest. Won 3rd place my first go. Kind of tickled. I worked on last week's but didn't have time to finish it and get it posted in time for the contest so I thought I would still share it on this post. ZenColouringStencilWeek46 completed.png

Anyway, @bdmillergallery had mentioned viewing some of my paintings. I admit kind of shrugged off. Next comment was "I'm going to go look" There are a couple from when I first started on Steemit but nothing recent. So, to hold true to my word, here's a little of my dabbling. The dream catchers are actually the first and everything else has evolved from there. I experiment to see what works and what I like. I hope it doesn't harm your eyes too much.




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I have a soft spot for dream catchers.

Em joyed your post.

Namaste, JaiChai


Me too. I went to a class and learned the basics. I actually have sold 6 dream catchers. It's mind boggling.

Oh, I really liked the last two. Is it acrylic?


They are @amalinavia. The first one was a mix of glue and floetrol. Mixed in the paint and used a couple drops of silicone in each color. The 2nd one was glue and water with acrylic. They're really fun to do. I don't get lots of cells like I have seen in the videos I have watched, but they still come out with such a uniqueness.

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I used to do colouring on Mandala as a way to relax myself. I guess art therapy really works!


I'll have to post more of my colorings. I had started with that and still do from time to time. If I had the time, I would use colored pencils for the stencils from the Zen Coloring contest. I get more satisfaction out of it.

I've found it does. I start getting stressed and my husband will look at me and tell me to go paint. I'm able to relax and can carry on. Sometimes, it's enough so I can meditate.


In that case, hope to see more from you!

I love your artwork! I was drawn especially to the bottom two, for some reason. I think it is the texture that seems to come through your work.

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Thanks @felt.buzz 😊 The last 2 I've done in the past month. I've been 'playing' with fluid art and it's been fun to see what comes up. I have some control, but not much. I'm very much a texture person. The one thing the photos don't show from those is the texture. Since there is glue in the mixture I get valleys and raised areas.

I'd put one on my wall...


That means a lot @wales thank you. 😊 Or should I just paint a big giant #1 for you LOL.

Oh wow, i like your paintings, @tryskele ! They are really interesting <3 The dreamcatcher is cool, but I also like your flowers and trees! And those fluid paintings at the end are really wonderful * ___ * You should do more :O

And take step by step pictures the next time you do them, Steemit audiences love step by step! :D

I like the one with a tree and a moon, as well as the fluid paintings at the bottom of the post :) art therapy...sounds interesting! Maybe I should read a little more on that.


Thank you @Iilacse. I had fun with that one. My mom said it creeped her out 'Too life like' There are so many things you can do. I overthink everything. Which is why this was recommended to me. It's been fun to see the differences from when I started to now. I keep learning more too. My therapist suggested I just get paint and finger paint and just see where I end up. I decided to try coloring instead LOL.

These are absolutely beautiful @tryskele ♥ Keep going...you have a gift.


Thank you so much @lizablove 💜 I always wonder.

Certainly some beautiful works here.
Very arty.


Thank you very much @papilloncharity 'The Squirrel Hunter' LOL

Thanks @veryspider 😊 The fluid has been fun lots of experimenting. I will try to get a step by step in, I start then I get lost in the moment. I have some mixed up paint I need to use up. I'll just have to make a moment.

Cool painting my friend 👍😁 congrats on winning 3rd place your first go around also 👏 my favorite ones are the last two. They remind me of a watery dream like state.


Thank you @artbyclark. I think I'm going to be in this format for a while. Infinite possibilities

Now I understand why you like my art. 🥰 We feel the same things. Love your art, keep doing it. You got the 👁


I love your art because it's amazing @starjewel. If I had the money, I would buy Gaia in a snap. She speaks to me. I love art in general. I see what you do and think, no way I could do that. I thought about it and realized that maybe something of my affects someone like yours affects me 😊


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This is a gift. Not all people are given the talent to paint or mix colors. I am hoping you will continue to use and nurture your gift. Use it to make a difference and inspire others.


Thank you @naojakyl. That is my goal. II have finally found something that moves me as much as it seems to move others. I'm working on getting my posting consistency back. I promise I will keep updated with the painting.

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Lovely work @tryskele! It's wonderful to be able to use art as therapy. I really like the feathers in that first dream catcher piece. I feel like I could reach right out and touch them!


Thank you @plantstoplanks. I had someone ask me if I could paint 'real feathers' I said sure, they're just not as fun LOL. Learning about lighting and dimension for 'standard' painting. I have pictures in my head, but not at the level yet to do them justice, so we're just going to have fun no matter what the paint says to do.


Fun is often what it's all about! I think a lot of times what draws me to a piece of art is not always just perfect technique (though I can very much appreciate that), but more so the energy that the artist put out while creating it. I wish you much joy as you continue to learn!

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Colorful art, well done in bringing some brightness to the blockchain.