Ring Any Bells (Original Art)

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Today i present to you this digital drawing I've just finished, it was done in "krita" software , and is a pixel only sketch, its a sort of experimentation i decided to do in order to explore the possibilities of the program and of this tool in particular the " pixel art" brush, so this is the final result of the experiment and i call it :

Ring Any Bells


Digital hand drawing (29.7x21 - 3508x2480) using desktop PC with mouse on Krita software.

detail 1


detail 2


detail 3


detail 4


detail 5


detail 6


detail 7


detail 8


detail 9


detail 10


"The intention of this art piece as all the others i present here is to make the observer think, imagine, question!
The title off the work and the small introduction is a sort off guide line that represents some sense to the author , it doesn't fully describes the work as it's interpretation is free and personal.
If you find some interest on it, or not and are willing to give feedback, feel free to comment!
Tanks for your visit and appreciation! ..."

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Though I am not good at art but looking at this I am sure it has taken a good amount of time

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Hi @steemflow, it did indeed, i spent the majority of yesterday to go about doing it, thank you for your interest and comment!


Thank you! @steemeow



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