DADA I'M BACK ! ... with a colection of the best and some news from DADA . Living Art

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Hello to all !

It as past more, much more than a week, and my plan to keep a regular update on the DADA creations is falling behind schedule, as i haven't been able to produce the amount of material that i find is necessary to produce an interesting post.
Like so i decided to complement today's post with a showcase presenting the 5 most voted drawings done there so far, fallowed by the new drawings i was able to create in the meantime. The first five drawings are not new, but although they were presented in previous posts with my work on DADA the context was not presented, and i think it may be interesting to show them again in this new post format i have created for my DADA drawings.
The new drawings will be presented in the second part of the post, as usual they represent my contributions to some of the visual conversations that have been occurring there, I'm presenting here the results of this few days.
Here we have another small collection off drawings done using the tools at (DADA - Living Art) a desk top PC and a mouse!

This drawings were done in context of the visual conversation taking place at DADA, as such they represent my contribution to the "dialogue", the title presented here is related to the content and sometimes it is the same as the title of the conversation where they fit there, when more than one drawing appears under the same title it means they are part of the same conversation .
Bellow the drawing is a screen capture with part of the piece were the drawing fits so you can have some context, the names of the authors are presented as they appear in the profiles used on DADA.

That being said i hope you can enjoy this collection, for this we will start with:

5th place
Imaginary Landscape

extract from: Imaginary Landscape

Started by: Paulo ; followed by: Serste, Carmín Escarlata, Maria Garcia, Lissette

4th place
abstract perspectives

extract from:abstract perspectives

preceded by: ... LuShan, Lissette ; followed by: DADA, Paulo ...

3th place

extract from: untitled

preceded by: ... Pinasco Lorena, Daveed ; followed by: Alex Henry, Paulo ...

2nd place
Diving in a jar

extract from: let's draw something in a jar

preceded by: ... Carolina Bermudez, Fer Baldeon Roca ; followed by: Pistachio, DADA ...

1st place

extract from: Continue the grid

preceded by: ... Paulo , Serste ; followed by: Simon Wairiuko, Mar E ...

So these were the five most voted an now we have the new drawings:


extract from: scribble, no thinking

preceded by: ... Serste , Joanna Whitney ; followed by: Isa Kost, Simon Wairiuko ...


extract from: untitled

preceded by: Boris Toledo Doorm, Serste; followed by: Simon Wairiuko, Maria Garcia...

Para Chile, para el Mundo

extract from: untitled

preceded by: ... Lissette, Lissette, Serste; followed by: vVs (Vanesa Stati)


extract from: untitled

preceded by: ... Simon Wairiuko , Serste; followed by: Boris Z Simunich, Isa Kost ...

the pieces presented separately are digital art created on by Paulo (tracer-paulo)

"The intention of this art piece as all the others i present here is to make the observer think, imagine, question!
The title off the work and the small introduction is a sort off guide line that represents some sense to the author , it doesn't fully describes the work as it's interpretation is free and personal.

If you find some interest on it, or not and are willing to give feedback, feel free to comment!

To help support my work you can obtain some unique digital creations here:

Tanks for your visit and appreciation! ..."

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