Long Walks on the Beach | Legend of Korra Speedpaint

in art •  last year

Hi steemit! The other day someone very nice messaged me and asked me to draw them Mako and Korra in a beach/island scenario. I'm not particularly skilled in the art of background making, but I tried my best, and it was pretty good practice!

So here's the speedpaint:

And the finished piece!
korra finished.jpg

As soon as I was done editing the video I noticed a couple of mistakes, as is usual, only noticing stuff after you're done with it :p , but what's done is done! And since I managed to pinpoint those issues, next time I'll do better. But there's also a bunch of stuff that I really liked how it turned out, like the palm tree, as well as the little scars/details on the characters that make them look imperfect, which for me is a good thing, because I think it makes people look more human!

Anyways, see you all next time!

sign off.png

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You have such a unique drawing style The Legend of Korra has a lot of fan art (myself included), but your interpretations of the characters is fresh. Thanks for sharing!


I'm glad you think so! Thank you for such a nice comment :)