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Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

on my website, you find this painting also with a large zoom: Bogomil's Landing

This is one of the paintings I will be showing here:


part of the


Visit my website


at the Ernst Fuchs Museum

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Great Piece Otto... sorta Max Ernst-ish, which I like a lot, as you know.

Check your stats, upvotes and resteems at https://steemworld.org/@thermoplastic

thank you @reinhard-schmid for this stats link! You sure know your way around this place 🍺 👍😃
Max Ernst was right after Dali my main influence - next to Fuchs and Hausner.

Came across steemworld by accident. Covers just about everything, nice, isn't it :-)
Max Ernst is definitely my biggest hero :-)

Upvoted and Resteemed Otto. =)

thank you Leo!

Thanks Leo - I hope this answer comes through: today I have big problems doing anything on Steemit. Have to try again tomorrow after reboot to reciprocate and resteem all the stuff I wanted to today!

I believe many people have been having issues with Steemit, it might still be under attack, and therefore making the site slow or unresponsive. Busy.org is an alternative interface to Steemit. Log in there with your username and password. This is where I am currently replying from.

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Beautiful and very mystical. I love the color choices.