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Hello people!

Long time no see, I will be getting back to making new posts, had some crazy days in life, both good and bad, it was a fun ride!

Illustrated Venom, because of the upcoming movie and experimented a bit with it. I was on a vacation and took a picture of some great looking rocks in order to add Venom to it, then drew him digitally in Photoshop using my Wacom drawing pad.

Here's the final result:

venomm 2222.jpg

Went in with the details here, especially the face since the character is so inspiring to work with. I was influenced a ton by great Todd Mcfarlane and his approach with art.

The movie is coming in theaters in a short time, so it was a great time to pull this one! I do not know why but now I am interested in doing this particular photo/drawing combo . There are a lot of ideas on my mind and I/m gonna put some work into it, dunno if it's interesting, I have a great time doing this at the moment :D

Here is the process:


This is a setting photo I took with my phone

venomm 2.jpg

After that I went in Photoshop on my PC and started drawing a silhouette of Venom sticking out of the rocky shadows, with my drawing pad.


Did a lot of detail work here adding whites and fixing his musculature. Did not like this tongue thou

venomm 2222.jpg

The final piece has more details, different type of tongue, wanted to break out of the black and white here and shadows added, to make him fit into the background.

Well that's it, hope you found it interesting or helpful :D More to come, enjoy the movie!


Have an awesome daaay!

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I'm really digging the different textures here, and how they grade down from the real life rocks, to the the black&white main figure, then flat shaded tongue (reminiscent of McFarlane, as you mentioned). Great idea to have him flowing out of the rocks, too.


Thank you! I really enjoy his work. Glad it came out interesting with the rocks :D You have a great day!

oh no he's coming out of the rocks ; __ ;

love how you used the rocks' formations and matched them up with his arms and hands' placements :D very cool~


Thank youuu, so glad it worked out, gonna try some new things :D

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What a scary figure! I like the combination of real stones with the animation. Many bodybuilders are dreaming about gaining such muscles! :)

Thank you for sharing!


Yeah, there's a bunch of muscle in there >< Thank you!