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The view of Aceh House at the front corner

A short message goes into my WhatsApp on Friday, April 11, 2018. This message was came from Teuku Ismuhadi, a famous Acehnese politician.

“Are you arrived in Bireuen already? Just tell me where you are because I’m going to pick you up,” said Teuku Ismuhadi via short message.

“Allright, I’m at bus station at Matang traditional market now,” I said.

“Ok, just wait a minute because I’ll be there soon,” said Teuku Ismuhadi.

Keuchik Amin, a local resident shows the Arabic calligraphy craving art

Fifteen minutes later, he already arrived and then picked me up. Then, he asked me to take to his home approximately 15 miles drives away from Bireuen capital city.

“I wanna show you my real costumary Acehnese house,” said Teuku Ismuhadi happily.

image a traditional wooden craft

Teuku Ismuhadi told that Aceh house measuring 10 x 12 meters was a special gift from Tuanku Ibrahim, an Acehnese businessman originally from Gampong Cot Kuthang, East Mutiara Subdistrict, Pidie. According to him, it took about two years to move the Acehnese wooden greenhouse.

Teuku Ismuhadi (left) and me

"This house was built by the late of Utoh Suman, he was completely make a special Acehnese carving,” said Teuku Ismuhadi.

Teuku Ismuhadi confessed that his Rumoh Aceh will be open to the public. This is based on his intention to preserve the Aceh costumary whose civilization began to erode the modern era. For the next time, this house will also be used as an education library museum.


Beautiful House.

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