Creation of an Isologo - Made by pencil

in art •  4 months ago
Returning a bit at the beginning from the beginning of my career as a graphic designer, I wanted to solve this idea manually, creating an isologo for this graphic identity.


Starting from the most basic as it is manually sketching, since for a long time I do not do it this way, if not, I go directly to the pc to digitize without any main idea of ​​what is wanted. Going back to the root of what it is to create a logo gives you a better perspective of how you can solve the approach you want to capture and then be able to digitize in any design software.

An isologo, is a graphic identifier used to sign the communications of an entity (company, product, service, institution, etc.). An isologo is the result of the union of a graphic symbol and a textual stimulus.

Creation process

dimagros bocetos 1.JPG

dimagros boceto 2.JPG

Final art


Article: Edagrdo Reyes.
Graphic designer


12 (1).jpg

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